Pixar ‘Inside Out’ Activity Sheets, Additional Details (Minor Spoilers)

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Walt Disney Studios and Pixar Animation Studios have provided us with the family press kit for Inside Out (June 19, 2015), consisting of coloring sheets, Easter egg decorating tips, door hangers and more. You can find the activities in our family press kit gallery embedded below.

In addition, we have been provided with a little bit more information about the subject matter tackled in the film. Inspired by Pete Docter’s own daughter, Ellie (who incidentally provided the voice of young Ellie in Up and was eleven years old when Inside Out production began), the film sets out to explore the mindset of Riley, who — like Ellie — begins to become quiet and withdrawn around that age.

As we have seen in the Spanish trailer, Joy is the first to arrive in Headquarters and manages to maintain control of Riley’s mindset at least until the big move from the midwest to San Francisco. While most of Riley’s emotions know their place in Riley’s mind, Sadness can’t quite figure out what her job is and it begins an internal struggle with Joy that sets a series of events in motion. The relationship between Joy and Sadness forms the root of the story, and when they’re inadvertently swept into the far reaches of Riley’s mind — Imagination Land, Dream
Productions, Long-term Memory — turmoil ensues in Headquarters.

‘Think about that,’ says executive producer John Lasseter. ‘An 11-year-old is left without Joy and Sadness — only Anger, Fear and Disgust. Does that sound like any 11-year-olds you know?’

For research on Inside Out, the filmmakers studied human emotion and how it evolves during adolescence. They interviewed psychologists and talked to other experts to better understand how the mind works. So it was no accident that Joy and Sadness were the two emotions that go missing.

‘It all lines up with being an adolescent,’ says co-director Ronnie del Carmen. ‘Riley no longer feels happy — she can’t express empathy. It happens to a lot of kids her age.’

Lost and desperate to return to Headquarters, Joy and Sadness must actually work together to find their way home and their thoughtful journey will reveal some surprising truths that just might change all of their minds forever.

But according to the filmmakers, Inside Out is surprisingly not Riley’s story. ‘It’s a very personal story about what it means to be a parent,’ says producer Jonas Rivera. ‘As a parent, there are so many perfect moments when I wish I could make time stand still forever. But that’s not right. That’s not our job. Our job is to be their guides.’

‘As our kids grow older, we tend to miss those days when they were little and would sit on our laps and hug us,’ adds Docter. ‘And while all parents want their kids to go out into the world — I’m happy for my kids and want nothing more than where they are right now — but it’s bittersweet and a little sad when childhood passes by. That’s a key element to this film.’

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