Disney to Release ‘New’ Music from ‘The Aristocats,’ ‘The Rescuers’

Disney's Lost ChordsWe first told reported plans for Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment’s plans to release the animated classics The Aristocats andThe Rescuers for the first time on Blu-ray back in May. Today we have learned in conjunction with the films’ release on August 21, Walt Disney Music will also be releasing rarely heard music from the soundtrack of the films, which never made it to the final production in a series called ‘The Lost Chords.’

Arguably the more interesting of the two is the album for The Aristocats which features two titles: ‘How Much You Mean to Me / Court Me Slowly’ and ‘Le Jazz Hot.’ While the former is included as a bonus feature for the Blu-ray, the latter seems to be a more intriguing mystery. A cursory search, for example, returns only two mentions of it in context, one of which is in this interview in which Richard Sherman speaks of it fondly. The downloadable album (which also contains a PDF booklet) includes both tracks performed by Richard Sherman as well as seemingly new recordings by Disney Character Voice performer Corey Burton and lead of Vintage Trouble, Ty Taylor.

The album for The Rescuers contains four songs with recordings of ‘Doin’ What I Really Do Best,’ ‘I Never Had It So Good’ and ‘Peopleitis,’ each recorded separately by Floyd Huddleston and Louis Prima, as well as ‘The Need to be  Loved’ as recorded by both Paul Francis Webster and Jennifer Paz.

Although the recordings won’t be available to own until August 21, they are all able to be sampled at this time.


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