Real-Life TRON Lightcycle for Sale on eBay Appears to Run on Snake Oil

TRON Lightcycle eBayImagine owning your very own TRON Legacy lightcycle. That’s what Parker Brothers Choppers in Melbourne, FL is trying to sell you at a measly $35,000 (starting at that is). According to the eBay ad that’s recently been making headlines, the custom motorcycle brothers will be constructing a fully functional custom bike based on the non-functioning model that Walt Disney Studios debuted at last year’s San Diego Comic-Con and has been toting around to D23, E3 and a whole bunch of other alphanumeric acronyms.

But why trust a third of a hundred-grand to an eBay seller you’ve probably never heard of, for a bike that hasn’t even been built yet? Of course you know these guys! They built the famous ‘Batpod’ replica that they recently listed on eBay for $100,000. But why no feedback? and if it didn’t sell, why didn’t they just re-list it?

That’s because — according to this article from — the Brothers Parker opted to use a copyrighted image from The Dark Knight to advertise it, an action Warner Brothers didn’t take too kindly too, and promptly shut the auction down.

Lesson learned: Now the boys are seeking attention from Walt Disney Studios with a brand spankin’ new sale. You see, they don’t have a shop to speak of as of yet, they barely have a website and they’re promoting a product that doesn’t exist (I suppose they know how to think 4th dimensionally).

You see, the Parker Brothers are playing a game they like to call trademark and copyright infringement. Parker Brothers? Game? Nice! And the objective of this game is to draw attention to yourself and garner free publicity by selling snake oil with someone else’s name on the label (or not selling by placing outrageous prices on it).

In order to do this, the eBay ad is littered with TRON Legacy this and Lightcycle that and Disney’s own photos and the ad conveniently forgets to mention that none of those photos are theirs, let alone the product.

And simply the best part is the company’s slogan: If you can dream it, we can build it — a motto remarkably similar to one uttered by Walt Disney himself.

The worst part of this publicity whoring scheme? It works.

UPDATED 7/18/10: We see there’s still a lot of interest in this article as we seem to be the only media calling these eBay auctions into question. For that we’re going to do what we should have done when we first wrote it (but were later reminded of when reading responses elsewhere) and prove once and for all that the photos posted of the bike does not exist are in fact nothing more than Disney’s own publicity photos. From this article in which we cover the appearance of Flynn’s Arcade at last year’s Comic-con, here’s a photo of the very same bike being displayed along with the film’s stars. It’s just a shame that Parker Brothers couldn’t swing the same endorsement from Jeff Bridges, Olivia Wilde, et al.

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13 thoughts on “Real-Life TRON Lightcycle for Sale on eBay Appears to Run on Snake Oil

  1. Love to clear the air here. We at Parker Brothers Choppers never said the bikes were built yet (please read the listing) and will indeed complete every bike that is sold. Alot of people said the “Batpod” couldn't be built too, but it was indeed completed, as will these bikes. Shame on you for calling the listing a scam when you know nothing about us. Yes, we just offically opened, but we didn't crawl out from under a rock and start building bikes. Do we have a zero feedback on ebay?… Yes, I assume we all start out that way, if there is a way to start with a 1500 feedback, please, let me know. Our address and phone number are on these ads and you can call us anytime about our work and our integrity. We ask for a small deposit only on these bikes and payments as we progress on the build, just like any high end builder would do. Are we trying to make a name for ourselves?… you damn right we are, but by making a quality product that people want, not by ripping people off. Call us anytime 321-960-0756 or stop by our shop and see our work for yourself – 1243 N. Harbour City Blvd. Melbourne FL 32935 And as far as our website goes, I wish we could find a website designer with half the integrity we have and we would probably have a decent site. They are few and far between. Sorry to rant, but I feel obligated to defend our good name.

  2. In *my* defense, I do not call you a scam, I simply point out that there's a huge question mark on the integrity of this and the other auctions. You use Disney's photos but make no effort to point that out, true? Yes. That would be misleading. You say you're credible because you listed a prior auction (which I've even seen some other reports assume you had sold it) but it didn't sell, in fact, you got in trouble for doing the same thing with Warner Brothers that you did with Disney, true? Yes. You relisted the $100,000 'batpod' as a set of 10 tribute bikes for a price of $5,000 but buried in the description, you note the real price could be as high as $45,000. True? Yes.

    I never doubted your talents, just the integrity. Selling bikes that don't exist and routinely attempting to deceive potential buyers with fraudulent prices isn't the most honest thing to do, surely you must be able to own up to that.

    Perhaps you want to share some video of the already built Batpod in action? That will probably go miles.

  3. Please understand that while you may not know us and our work, we make no attempt to say that the photos are our completed work. We do however have a youtube video update as the build progresses and would be happy for you and others to follow the build process. I will also try and send a video of the Batpod asap to further redeem our shop in your eyes. We do tend to go out on a limb with our builds but it is because we truly enjoy the creative process that comes with “unbuildable” type items. Your article is not completely out in left field in my eyes, I believe we were just misunderstood to begin with. Perhaps after the videos, you will see us in a different light.

  4. I'm willing to step out on the edge of credulity and say “I am calling this a scam”.

    The only alternative is they're incompetent at basic business processes like design, planning, marketing, and actually BUILDING motorcycles.

    Where is ONE fully functional “batpod” that they've ever produced? Functional, not a mockup posed for photos.

    Moving on to Tron cycles, they're going to be delivered in 8 weeks from the auction end (now 5 weeks to go), so there's been SIGNIFICANT design and preparation work done right? They could show us some body moldings, or a frame, or a blueprint, or how about even one freaking SKETCH that wasn't stolen from Disney marketing materials?

    All these guys seem competent at doing is stealing marketing photos and passing them off as their own work, and fooling the gullible press into thinking they're actually intending on building something.

    But hey, Parker Brothers, I know I'm being a bit harsh. So just post ONE piece of proof that you even have a freaking motorcycle SHOP (not a photo of your moms garage), and I'll take it all back. Take it back and wait 5 more weeks until your Tron bikes are on the road, street legal…cuz thats coming in only 5 weeks right? right? …

  5. Hey McfeelySmackup, I wonder how that foot is going to taste. “One piece of proof ” – coming up! Parker Brothers Choppers videos are up all over youtube showing the builds. that is the latest link. In these you will see “Our Shop” (which by the way is approximately 4500 sq ft and just slightly bigger than Mom’s garage) as well as the Lightcycle build including the completed hubless wheel, body molds being fabricated and rims and tires mounted. These bikes will be completed by the end of the month and will function as promised, but you don’t want to hear that, you want to believe this is all a scam. Bottom Line – Come by 1243 N. Harbor City Blvd, Melbourne FL 32935 or call 321-960-0756 anytime to discuss our integrity. Feel free to look at all the videos and judge for yourself. Now if you would kindly “take it all back”, we will call it square. Not sure what more you people want but these bikes are being built, haters beware.

  6. If everything in this world didnt build of another where would be. These parker brothers are tried and true and i know them personally and only a guy behind a keyboard could talk sh** behind it and not be a actual critic of what they think a critic is but mst likely are just not happy with the way there lifes turned out. One up the dude talking shit they have a show to be filmed for there creative ideas and projects and that means now there actually be real and not faKES LIKE U SAY.

    • why are all the vids on you tube comments disabled? have yet to see one that looks like the movie bike..or one that can go over 15mph..street legal? any of them got a tag? how bout meeting deadlines has everyone who ordered got theirs yet?..thinks there will be a huge lawsuit…

      • What do you know, Igotscammed and Yougotscammed posted at the same time suggesting we did not have any bikes. If you really purchased a bike from Parker Brothers Choppers and have not received it, I suggest you call 1-321-960-0756.

    • Amazing that you got scammed yet we don’t know you. Our website is fully functional as well as our email and phone # (321-960-0756) We have nothing to hide but it seems this site is always talking trash about us. We await your call.

    • Has anyone got one yet? or you just taking around the one that cant be ridden over 15mph and cant be issued a tag because it isnt street legal…Getting all the fame from it like the people expected to get by buying one…Here is ur tron bike we got lots of pics and fame from that nobody cares here you go.. oh and dont go over 15mph or ride it on the street… sucker!

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