‘Red Car News Boys’ at Disney California Adventure Details via Casting Notice

The Disneyland Resort has issued casting calls for an entertainment show titled ‘The Red Car News Boys’ that will be presented in the Buena Vista Street area at Disney California Adventure at the Disneyland Resort starting June 15, when the area officially opens. They will join other previously announced acts such as the Five and Dime.

The act is described as a ‘high-energy group of 1920s/30s-era paperboys [who] will take to the streets of Disney California Adventure Park as they sing and dance to authentic period tunes.’

Roles currently being cast for include:

  • JOHNNY – portrays an older teen, the heart-throb leader of the pack, tenor
  • KIP – portrays a young teen, Johnny’s younger brother, the ‘exaggerator,’ tenor
  • FEETS CHARMING – portrays 14-17, very outgoing, strong tapper, tenor
  • BRASS TACKS – portrays 14-17, gymnast, the ‘funny guy,’ tenor
  • SHORTY MCGUIRE- portrays 14-17, 6’+, athletic, tenor
  • SAL – female, portrays 14-17, 5′ – 5’4″, tomboy who dresses in her brother’s clothes, alto

Actors must be at least 18 years of age and be skilled in both dancing and music theatre.

For more information as well as other roles available at Disney Parks worldwide, visit DisneyAuditions.com


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