Registration for 2009 Walt Disney World Christmas Day Parade Taping Now Open; Days Extended

UPDATE: Registration is currently closed

Walt Disney World is now accepting general requests to attend the taping of the 2009 Walt Disney World Christmas Day Parade. As expected, taping will take place during the first weekend of December, but this year, taping will also occur on the Thursday before, making the taping a total of three days, December 3 – 5. Thursday and Friday will consist of performance tapings at Cinderella Castle and in the Main Street USA area while Saturday will be the parade itself (which may also contain additional performances at select locations along the parade route). Guests may opt to choose 1, 2 or all 3 days at time of registration.

Sign-up is free and includes park admission to the Magic Kingdom for the remainder of the day (note guests who exit the park after the taping may not be allowed re-entry without other legitimate admission media).

Registrations are accepted up until December 2 but are limited and distributed on a first-come, first-serve basis.

For a personal account on attending last year’s taping, complete with lots of photos, click here.


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19 thoughts on “Registration for 2009 Walt Disney World Christmas Day Parade Taping Now Open; Days Extended

  1. I have tickets for the Friday morning. Do you know if they escort you out after the filming or do you get to stay?

  2. long story short, i would be so appreciative if there were two extra for thursday at 9:30 am somwhere :)

    email godzi11a at

    My wife asked me to print these tickets while I was at work today and I found out that I could not. I have already taken the days off for us to attend and my three and half year old daughter (who just saw an hgtv special on Cinderella's castle and now can't wait for Thursday! ) is literally bouncing off the walls in anticipation.

    She thought her conformation email got her the tickets but when I tried to print the tickets it said they were all booked. I am sure that there will be some cancellations or people who get tickets but then do not show up, is there anything that can be done? We were so looking forward to taking our daughter on her first visit to disney. I can't tell you how sad we have been today and I was hoping that maybe by some miracle we won't have to break this bad news to our daughter.

    Enclosed is a picture of her (Trinity) in her Ariel costume (I can't seem to upload a picture…)

    We need two tickets to the 9:30 Thursday taping.

  3. I know it's kind of late, however, I have two tickets available for Friday 12/4 at 7 am if anyone is interested.

  4. Anyone know anything about this year’s Christmas parade taping? (2010) Since a child, it has been my dream to go!

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