Another Possible Replacement Name for ‘Rapunzel’ Registered by Disney

Earlier this week, we broke the news that Disney had registered several new names that might possibly be considered as a replacement title for Walt Disney Animation Studio’s upcoming release Rapunzel: The Hidden Tower, Tangled and The Thief and the Tower.

Today we have learned that there’s another suitor in the running in the form of The Secret Tower for which Disney has now registered THESECRETTOWER.COM, THESECRETTOWER-MOVIE.COM and THESECRETTOWERMOVIE.COM.

Given that it’s in the same vein as The Hidden Tower but seems to invoke a larger sense of mystery which might appeal to the non-princess going public if that’s Marketing’s concern, it seems like The Secret Tower might have the edge here, not to mention that they were able to secure THESECRETTOWER.COM as opposed to requiring the lengthy suffixes.

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