Report: ‘Ant-Man’ First Footage, ‘Age of Ultron’ Trailer (Spoilers)

At the Marvel Unlimited Plus members-only event held earlier this morning at the New York Comic-Con, Marvel shared exclusive first looks at upcoming films Ant-Man and Avengers: Age of Ultron as well as the debut of the trailer.

In the Ant-Man scene, we hear the voice of Hank Pym as he introduced himself to a tiny armored Scott Lang as Ant-Man running through the streets. Pym introduces Lang to a relatively large fly that Pym is able to call on to take him where he needs to go.

The panel was then introduced to a hilarious scene from Age of Ultron in which the team is casually taking a break, having some drinks and generally having a good time. Thor casually places Mjolnir on the table before them and it isn’t long until Stark makes a gentleman’s bet to see if he can left the hammer. ‘If I lift this, I get to rule Asgard?’ he proposes. What follows is a comic montage of most of the Avengers attempting to lift the hammer including a futile attempt to use technology and Rhodes. Banner fails to get angry enough. And Rogers. Well, you’ll have to wait for that one. It’s all fun and games until Ultron barges in and condemns the Avengers to death, calling them killers and essentially hypocrites.

This scene was followed by the premiere of the trailer. Set to a haunting version of ‘Got No Strings’ from Disney’s Pinocchio. What happens next is nothing short of epic including a street fight between the massive Hulkbuster and Hulk and ends with an incredibly spooky scene with Stark stumbling across a pool of dead bodies strewn out in what appears to be an endless field — and happens to spot Roger’s shield.


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