Report: Disney XD’s ‘Phineas and Ferb’ Panel at 2010 San Diego Comic-con (Some Spoilers)

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Phineas and Ferb creators and cast members Dan Povenmire (Doofenshmirtz) and Jeff ‘Swampy’ Marsh (Major Monogram) were joined by fellow cast members Mitchel Musso (Jeremy, others), Vincent Martella (Phineas), Caroline Rhea (Mom) and Kelly Hu (Stacy) at San Diego Comic-con for a packed-room panel to discuss the popular Disney XD show and give a sneak peek into what we can expect to see in the future.

Some of the upcoming episodes were discussed including — appropriately enough — the Comic-con episode. We were treated to a sequence from the future episode in which a battle scene occurs between the Sci-fi fantasy type geek at the Lord of the Rings type geeks. In a musical sequence in which the battle begins, the two sides end up appropriately fighting each other by using action figures as proxies (while providing their own sound effects) and rolling dice. The sequence briefly gets interrupted by someone in a Ducky Mo-Mo costume who turns out to be Candace (not seen in clip) who has gone to Comic-con incognito in pursuit of a rare Ducky Mo-Mo collectible. Meanwhile, fanboys Phineas and Ferb encounter their idol, a legendary special f/x wizard voiced by Kevin Smith, and Dr. Doofensmirtz captures a television exec (voiced by Family Guy creator Seth Macfarlane) to pitch a new show titled ‘Doof-n-Puss,’ a 70s type police drama.

Other upcoming episodes include a Wizard of Oz themed show in which Mitchel Musso will be the voice of one of the trees. There will also be a Rollercoaster: The Musical episode in which the boys will set out to re-create the day that also served as the show’s pilot, only this time they’ll spontaneously break out in songs. Each of the show’s catch-phrases will have their own songs in the special episode. In an episode titled The Chronicles of Meap, the show ended with a teaser of an upcoming episode titled Meapless in Seattle. Although this was originally a joke,  the panel announced that there will now in fact be an upcoming episode based on the concept.

The biggest news on the future front, however, is that there will be a new feature-length episode making its debut next summer on Disney XD titled Phineas and Ferb: Across the Second Dimension in Fabulous 2D. We were shown the opening sequence and song (‘Everything’s Better with Perry’) in storyboard/rough-animation format. One of the major plot points of the special will be that Phineas and Ferb finally discover Perry the Platypus’s secret identity as Agent P.

Besides what we can expect to see in the future, there were quite a few other tidbits that came up during the panel. Povenmire and Marsh discussed the creative process and inserted anecdotes about input from the Disney executives such as pressure to give Perry the Platypus a love interest (‘He’s married to his job,’ joked Marsh in the voice of Major Monogram) and how the pair created an entire backstory when director of original tv animated programming of Disney XD Jill Sanford questioned just how Stacy became the President of Uruguay in one of the episodes.

When the panel opened up for Q&A, many complimented the show for its positive portrayal of blended families. Noting he was from one himself, Marsh talked about how important he felt it was that with the high rate of divorce, that children of divorce should not feel like they’re the only ones experiencing this. When asked (producing an audible gasp from the audience), the creators insisted that the other parents will not be introduced into the show, especially because Phineas and Ferb had been together since they were near infants. Diffusing the tension just a bit, Rhea (‘Mom’) added that ‘we’re all friends.’

Another question from the audience pertained to Ferb’s real name as he declared in one episode that Ferb was actually short for something. While they do have a friend named Ferb whose real name is Frank, Povenmire and Marsh said that’s not Ferb’s real name but that Ferb hasn’t ‘told’ them his full name either so they don’t know it to reveal it, so it shall remain a mystery.

After the panel, the cast members (minus Musso) headed to the San Diego Convention Center’s Sails Pavilion where they signed mini-posters for the upcoming Phineas and Ferb special ‘The Summer Belongs to You.’  The group was so committed to their fans, that they stayed well past the posted end time to sign, breaking for just a few moments to introduce the Comic-Con screening of the special. Martella took a quick break of his own only to return with an autograph from Malcolm McDowell on his arm. McDowell, who voices the boys’ grandfather on the show, was just around the corner signing autographs of his own and as voice actors rarely actually work together when recording, this was apparently the first time the two had met, placing a whole new spin on the family reunion.

Below is our gallery of photos from the panel and signing including guests dressed as Dr. Doofenshmirtz and Perry the Platypus as Agent P.

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