Report: Jim Carrey, Bob Zemeckis, et al Bring ‘A Christmas Carol’ Train Tour to New York

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Dozens of commuters got a big thrill early Friday morning when they caught a glimpse of actor Jim Carrey being driven through Grand Central Terminal on a pargo courtesy of the FDNY Fire Chief (well, let’s face it, it’s New York, so make it about 3 commuters who even noticed). Singing the theme to The Flintstones as he ‘pedaled’ the slow moving vehicle along, Carrey waved to and graciously greeted his fans as the vehicle’s light flashed and siren blared.

Rewind to just a few minutes before when Walt Disney Studios held a ribbon-cutting ceremony to mark the final stop on the cross-country train tour to promote Disney’s A Christmas Carol. At a press conference held in front of the facade of the large, inflatable theater showing previews of the film, media, execs and guests were treated to a pre-show involving Christmas carolers and vaudevillian-type performers (who were also out entertaining passerbys all weekend long as well).

Kicking off the presentation was new Chairman of the Walt Disney Studios, Rich Ross, who first introduced and brought to stage the Chief Marketing Officers of Amtrak and Hewlett-Packard, partners in the train tour promotion. Ross then introduced director Robert Zemeckis and Jim Carrey who took the stage together, although it was Carrey who ultimately commanded the stage. Also in presence were ImageMover Digital partners and producers of the film, Steve Starkey and Jack Rapke.

After a few brief words by Zemeckis, Carrey took the mic and gave his trademark zany performance. Carrey jokingly apologized for the poor timing of the film’s release, offering he was personally pushing for a May release before cutting the ribbon with a pair of over-sized scissors, but not before running around in circles with them poised high in the air.

A few of the photos from the event are below. All photos © Brad K / Stitch Kingdom. All Rights reserved.

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For those who were unable to attend the train tour, the train consisted of several cars, each telling a different part of the film’s creative process.

The first car featured costumes from the Victorian era, concept art of several of the characters (including Scrooge at various ages), various items pertaining to Charles Dickens on loan from the London museum (including a first edition copy of A Christmas Carol) and video interviews which talked about the casting process and how the characters were modeled after the actors for the most part.

The second car included a series of maquettes and models including life-size busts (or heads anyway) of Scrooge and Cratchit and a large model of the mid-construction Big Ben.

The next two cars featured the MoCap setup complete with cameras and suit as videos played against the wall demonstrating the MoCap process with lots of footage of the actors filming their scenes. Also on display was a car full of LD monitors, each displaying the entire CG process, from concept art to wire frames to rough animation to the final product.

LCD touch screens lined the next car which was broken up into a virtual tour of the town from the film in which visitors could visit prominent locations from the film and answer simple trivia questions and a section where visitors could take a photo of their faces and morph them into various characters from the film, making them available for download.

The final car served as a home setting with faux fire and live carolers entertaining visitors as they exited the train.

Below are two photo galleries from the train tour. The first is the original gallery we posted when the tour kicked off with photos provided to us by Disney of the Los Angeles event. Photos from WireImage. © Imagemovers Digital LLC. Courtesy of Walt Disney Studios.:

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And as a supplement, some additional photos taken with an iPhone

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