Report: Kate Gosselin to Join Cast of ABC’s ‘Dancing with the Stars’

Television columnist Lisa de Moraes of The Washington Post reports that the former co-star of TLC’s Jon and Kate + Eight-turned occasional The View co-host stand-in will be announced as one of the new cast members of the upcoming season of Dancing with the Stars when ABC reveals the list throughout the season finale of The Bachelor on Monday night.

In related news, ABC has announced that on March 1, Jimmy Kimmel will interview one of the new celebrities set to compete in this season’s competition as well as the new Bachelorette.

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6 thoughts on “Report: Kate Gosselin to Join Cast of ABC’s ‘Dancing with the Stars’

  1. This is just awesome Kate is doing her own thing and moving past all stumbling blocks that the devil has thrown her and shes being a real inspiration to all mothers and intending to be the mother God intended for her to be which is what it seems. She is being very mature to jons actions and staying as quite as she can be in front of cameras for the sake of her children which would be very hard for most of us to do. You go kate and keep showing the world with one day at a time you can overcome anything. you are doing it!!!!!!!!!

  2. Kate show the world you are ready to do what it takes to take care of yourself so you can take care of your kids. We know the kids are your life. I will be watching along with the rest of the people who read these blogs, even the ones who put you down. Go Kate Go.

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