REPORT: ‘Walt Disney Animation Studios Shorts Collection’ on Blu-ray in August

'Walt Disney Animation Studios Short Films Collection'Ahead of any official announcements, Amazon has begun listing ‘Walt Disney Animation Studios Shorts Collection‘ on Blu-ray with a release date of August 18, 2015. Unfortunately there is no official description to be found and the only listed detail is that it runs 90 minutes in length. A cursory Google search proved to be ineffective.

We hope to know more about this title soon and its contents and will update as more information becomes available to us.

UPDATE #1: Thanks to a reader tip (see comments), art for the Blu-ray was found on the B&N site. Going by the images on the cover, it may be safe to assume that the collection will contain Tangled Ever After, Lorenzo, Paperman, Feast and Frozen Fever.



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5 thoughts on “REPORT: ‘Walt Disney Animation Studios Shorts Collection’ on Blu-ray in August

  1. I’ve known about this for a while but at the time it was unclear whether Frozen Fever would be included in this or the Cinderella Blu, or both. I learned about this collection at ECCC in late March

  2. If this includes “One By One”, “Runaway Brain”, “Glago’s Guest”, “Destino”, “The Little Match Girl”, “Off His Rockers”, “How to Hook Up Your Home Theater”, “John Henry”, and “Sport Goofy in Soccermania”, all in Great HD transfers, then I’m buying it!

  3. So excited for this release! Rumor has it these are the contents:
    -John Henry
    -The Little Matchgirl
    -How To Hookup Your Home Theater
    -Tick Tock Tale
    -Prep and Landing: Operation Santa
    -The Ballad of Nessie
    -Tangled Ever After
    -Get A Horse
    -Frozen Fever
    Someone said that’s way under 90 minutes and I wouldn’t be surprised if Glago’s Guest, Destino and One By One are on here anywhere but just left out. Still excited regardless! Here’s hoping the press release is soon!

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