‘Revenge’ Pseudo-Website Casts Doubt on Daniel Grayson’s Guilt (Spoilers)

In anticipation of tonight’s return of ABC’s ‘Revenge,’ the episode titled ‘Doubt,’ ABC has launched a faux supplemental website at TheTreadwellReport.com. Purported to be a bit of a gossip column for the well to do of the Hamptons, the site’s proprietor is none other than noted author Mason Treadwell (Roger Bart).

The site’s text is all encapsulated in images, presumably to prevent any search engines from catching wind, but is as follows:

Could Daniel Grayson, heir to the Grayson Global throne, have been FRAMED for the murder of Tyler Barrol? Sources inside Grayson Manor seem to think so. I talked with Grayson family spokesperson Ashley Davenport earlier today about just such claims. According to Davenport, one of defense attorney’s Benjamin Brooks’ strategies will include discussing the motives of several Grayson Global competitors with the jury. Whether or not these accusations are substantive remains to be seen…

According to Declan Porter, precious young Charlotte Grayson was under the influence of a mind-erasing cocktail of prescription pain pills and champagne the night of the murder — Porter insists there was no hooded man on the beach, and that the younger Grayson simply invented the theory when she realized her brother might be implicated. It is not understood how Charlotte Grayson obtained said pills, but it is with certainty that they were not under her prescription. It is unclear at this time whether she will seek drug abuse counseling. Spokesperson for the Grayson camp, Ashley Davenport has yet to address these latest accusations.

Daniel Grayson was arrested for the Labor Day weekend murder of Tyler Barrol. Barrol and Grayson were college buddies, having gone to Harvard together. Recent police reports indicate that Barrol was harassing Daniel Grayson as well as the entire Grayson family. Barrol had allegedly threatened the Grayson family with a gun several weeks prior to the incident. It was understood that Barrol was locked up. It is not yet clear how he escaped.

When asked for a comment for this story, Tyler’s brother Alexander Barrol declined. While little is known about the victim, there have been several reports that the San Francisco native was something of a grifter, scamming the many people who crossed his path. Barrol had recently been given a job at Daniel Grayson’s father’s company Grayson Global. It is unclear if the two incidents are connected.

Defense attorney Benjamin Brooks is no stranger to uphill battles like the one facing Faniel Grayson. Known as the go-to litigator for high profile cases such as this, Benjamin Brooks has kept his strategy under wraps until now. Whether this hooded man theory can be supported outside of Charlotte Grayson remains to be seen. All that is known for sure is that neither Declan Porter nor Charlotte Grayson’s testimony will be of any help to the defense.

Mason Treadwell, famed and impassioned investigative journalist, is new to blogging. After a well publicisized [sic] fire that tragically burnt down his house, Treadwell is back, and this time, digital. Mason Treadwell has written several true crime novels including ‘Mother May I Kill?,’ ‘One Year Inside The Mafia’ and ‘The Perfect Crime: Ten True Crime Stories You’ve Never Heard.’ However, Mason Treadwell is best known for ‘The Society Connection’ the book that launched his career detailing David Clarke’s involvement in the Flight 197 tragedy. Mason is currently hard at work on autobiography ‘The Life & Crimes of Mason Treadwell.’ That is, unless it goes up in flames again…



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