REVIEW: ‘Disney Checkout Challenge’ for iOS

Disney Checkout Challenge for iOSIn the interest of full disclosure, I generally spend far more time playing an app before putting forth a review, but I am making a rare exception for ‘Disney Checkout Challenge‘ for multiple reasons. First of all, there isn’t actually all that much to the gameplay itself, so I feel pretty confident giving it my honest impression. Second, it’s from Disney’s Creature Feep Studio — the folks behind the legendary JellyCar, Where’s My Water? and many other strongly developed mobile games. And lastly, it’s insanely fun and addictive and you need to know about it.

The premise is simple and something we’re all familiar with: you assume the role of a grocery check-out clerk and all you need to do is to scan items’ bar codes to rack up the charges. The more you scan, the more ‘money’ you earn — it’s just that simple. To scan items, you just ‘pick’ them up by tapping on them to activate the bar code scanner and then rotate the item in 3D space to find and scan the bar code. And of course not all items can be scanned, such as produce — those have to be manually keyed in. As the game advances, so does the speed of the conveyer belt and the number of items, which can end up causing a backlog of items to scan — once an item gets pushed to the floor by other items, the game is over. There are, of course, a few twists and enhancements to gameplay. (Incidentally, money here is just a scoring system, there doesn’t appear to be anything to do with it in terms of purchasing in-game items and there are no in-app purchases.)

The first you’ll encounter is that there is a ranking system. In order to rise in ranks, you must complete given tasks. Tasks can be as simple as simply just playing enough rounds of the game to more challenging requests such as earning a specific amount of money, scanning a specific item x amount of times or even scanning items in a particular order. There’s also a time-controlled ‘frenzy’ system which will allow you to scan items simply by tapping on them. To achieve frenzy mode, just get scan enough items quickly enough to fully light up the conveyor belt lights. As you level up, more items will be added to your grocery store for you to scan.

If there are any shortcomings with ‘Disney Checkout Challenge,’ I have yet to find them. The only concern I have encountered is that some of the challenges have been so forgiving that the only thing I had left to do in order to level up was to play more rounds, but this is solved easily enough by not scanning any items at all and letting them fall to the floor in order to progress. The physics also hold up amazingly well with the items placed in all sorts of random positions on the belt (always in a physically possible way). And, best of all, Disney elements have been added to the every-day grocery items with examples such as Mickey ice cream bars, Evil Queen yogurt, Wreck-It Ralph cereal and more.

Even though I haven’t played all that much, there are a few tips I can offer up:

  • Pay attention to the position of the items. Once you learn the position of the UPC codes, you should be able to spot items that already are in the right position to be picked up and immediately scanned, which will help with achieving frenzy mode.
  • If you need to scan specific items in order for an objective, it could be a good idea to let an item travel to the end of the belt and let it stay there until you need to scan it in after the other — just make sure you don’t fall so far behind, that item gets pushed to the floor.
  • As mentioned above, if your only remaining objective to level up is to play rounds, let the items fall to the floor to end the round — it counts!

Available now on the app store, ‘Disney Checkout Challenge‘ offers up insanely fun, addictive and quick play and easily slips into the category of must-have time killers. At the minimum price of $.99, the game is all-inclusive, free of ads and has no restrictions on playing.


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