REVIEW: ‘Toy Story in Space’ Playset for Disney Infinity

'Toy Story in Space' Playset for 'Disney Infinity'Tomorrow, Disney Interactive will release its sixth and first playset for ‘Disney Infinity’ since the gaming platform’s release, ‘‘Toy Story in Space.’ Complete with Buzz Lightyear and Jessie figures (with Sheriff Woody available separately), the playset has the Disney/Pixar Toy Story gang helping the Little Green Men assimilate onto a newly colonized planet. Disney Interactive supplied us with both the playset as well as the additional Woody figure for review.

While ‘Toy Story in Space’ won’t take the number one spot in my list of favorite playsets, it definitely ranks near the top, perhaps second to The Incredibles. Featuring Hamm, Rex, Slinky Dog and a host of aliens to assist, the game successfully evades some of the more puzzling quirks of other playsets, namely doppelgangers — heck, even the aliens don’t like looking like themselves. As you can tell from the above image, provided by Disney Interactive, Aliens love cosplay, wishing to be dressed up like dozens of characters from the Toy Story universe, including Chuckles, Zurg, Hamm, Stinky Pete and countless others.

That costumes, however, are one major gripe about the playset. Teetering between the fine line of being cute and annoying, the aliens love being dressed and re-dressed a la the same type of wardrobe quests that exist in other playsets, only this one appears to be (literally) ad nauseam — at times, it definitely appears to be a grind. Interestingly enough, because of the myriad of costumes — the bulk of which must be unlocked via red capsules — the mission’s compass will actually lead you to the capsules needed, which certainly makes things a bit easier. Other oft-repeated missions involve smashing crates, building platforms and alien rescue/taxi missions. While it all sounds like it’s relatively easy, the truth is the planet’s terrain and scope can actually make it a bit of a challenge, even after you unlock Buzz Lightyear’s jetpack and/or the Space Command thruster. Building platforms even turns into a bit of a logic puzzle after a few of them, which is one of the game’s strongest points: in addition to the same mechanics introduced in other playsets, this one requires a bit of thinking at times — just not over-thinking.

About halfway through the game, I did encounter what appeared to be a bug, however. When attempting to have the compass find me new mission givers, it kept pointing me to the combat simulator and subsequently any door therein (including the exit). After failing to make sense of it for far too long (and re-playing the simulators over and over), I opted to put the combat simulator away (press the controller button to move the building, cancel and confirm you wish to put the building away) and the game then successfully moved me on to the next act. I was told this should be addressed via a patch as soon as possible and will hopefully be in place by the time the playset hits the shelves, but just in case, I just wanted to share the symptoms and workaround.

Once I managed to get past the grind and the glitch, the game definitely got more appealing and the final battle with Zurg (spoiler alert), was just enough difficult and again requires a creative solution in addition to the target and shoot.

Overall, I definitely recommend the ‘Toy Story in Space’ playset becomes part of one’s ‘Disney Infinity’ collection. If anything, it’s also where the shrink and grow goo guns come from, which definitely enhances the Toy Box play.

Here are a few tips I’d like to pass along in addition to dealing with the combat simulator issue I shared above:

  • Another thing that took me too long to realize, the teleport building will let you choose where you wish to be transported to by pressing the IN button — the screen will update to reflect your selected destination.
  • If there is a way to switch between the booster (vertical) and jetpack (horizontal) mid-flight, I never figured it out. Therefore when using the jetpack, it helps to start out from the highest point accessible (the top of the Star Command HQ building is a great example, as is the radio dish of the teleport building). You can always lower your altitude by letting go of the controller button temporarily. Also, the booster will let you fire multiple times, but only to sustain air time, not height. Use the stick to move horizontally while shooting upwards.
  • Batteries are very heavy and you won’t be able to fly with them. Unless.



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  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you! No seriously, THANK YOU! The bug has not been fixed. I spent 5+ hours trying to get a new mission to pop up and it kept sending me to the simulator with no mission. Once I put the building away the story progressed.

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