SDCC: ‘Big Hero 6′ Exclusive Merchandise Hands-on Review, Merchandise Preview

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First Edition Baymax Figure - SDCC Exclusive With just under one week to go before San Diego Comic-Con, Disney Consumer Products has shared with us some of the upcoming merchandise for Big Hero 6 (November 7, 2014) that attendees can find previewed at the film’s booth (#3635A). In addition we have been provided with our very own SDCC exclusive 6″ metallic Baymax action figure along with a t-shirt from Mad Engine and a baseball cap from Concept One.

Exclusive to SDCC is the 6″ tall Fist Edition Baymax with punching action which will sell for $30. He’ll be available for purchase at the Big Hero 6 booth each day from Thursday through Sunday in limited quantities. Tickets required to purchase Baymax will be distributed at the booth each morning while supplies last.

The figure features a limited amount of articulation, primarily two points in one arm and his head which can turn approximately 150 degrees. By twisting his body, his right arm extends automatically to deliver a powerful punch. He can stand on a flat surface, but he’s a delicate balance being very front-heavy so the slightest tap can send him toppling, though he appears to be relatively resilient (within reason, of course). In order to get him to stand on his own on the turntable in the demo video below, however, a thin piece of cardboard served as a wedge to keep him from falling.

Additional information on upcoming Big Hero 6 toys, which should be available in September, are as follows. Be sure to view the gallery below for additional photos and products.

Deluxe Flying Baymax Deluxe Flying Baymax (MSRP: $39.99) – PRE-ORDER
Large and in-charge, this massive Baymax is ready to fly into battle using all his great weapons and features. Towering at 11” inches with a soaring 18-inch wingspan, the Deluxe Flying Baymax features 20 points of articulation, multiple lights, sounds and other fun features such as a launching rocket fist. Baymax comes with a 4.5” Hiro Hamada figure, which when attached to Baymax’s back unlocks additional flying sounds that vary depending on whether Baymax is flying up, or down.

Armor Up Baymax Armor-Up Baymax (MSRP: $19.99) – PRE-ORDER
Transform Baymax from his 6” white nursebot form to an 8”-crime fighting super hero with the Armor-Up Baymax. Twenty body armor pieces construct a powered-up Baymax, growing two inches in height while preparing for battle in his red armored suit.

6'' Fred Feature Figure 6″ Feature Figures (MSRP: $12.99) – PRE-ORDER
Articulated with detailed styling, Baymax and Fred come to life in the Big Hero 6 6-inch Feature Figures, each character boasting its unique display of strength and power. Launch Fred’s fireball with his spring-loaded feet or just bounce him around. Baymax’s power-punching feature activates with a pull of his fist back… and let it fly.

4'' Basic Figure (Yokai) 4″ Action Figures (MSRP: $8.99) – PRE-ORDER
The 4″ action figures of all the Big Hero 6 characters, each features 8+ points of articulation, plus accessory or a packed out character part.



5.5'' Plush (GoGo Tomago) 5.5″ Plush (MSRP: $7.99) – PRE-ORDER
Created with soft plush and embroidery, four cute and cuddly characters are ready for action and snuggling. Characters include: Baymax in his white nursebot form, Fred, Honey Lemon and Go Go Tomago.


Baymax Feature Plush 10″ Plush Baymax (MSRP: $19.99) – PRE-ORDER
Soft material recreates the look and feel of Baymax and a simple squeeze activates several phrases and sounds from the film.



Projection Baymax 10″ Projection/SFX Baymax (MSRP: $29.99) – PRE-ORDER
Smooth and fun to touch, the 10″ vinyl Baymax has an incredible projector feature in his belly, allowing fans to view images from Disney’s Big Hero 6 movie. Pull Baymax’s arm down to see new images and hear sounds from the movie.

Baymax launching fist Baymax Rocket Fist (MSRP: $19.99) – PRE-ORDER
Put the power of Baymax in your hands with the Baymax Rocket Fist. Easy reloading and fun launching up to 10 feet in distance — and soft material on the fist makes it safe and fun to play!


Mask (Hiro) Masks (MSRP: $9.99)
Featuring comfortable padding with an adjustable strap, fans can take on the evil forces of San Fransokyo as Big Hero 6 heroes Hiro Hamada or Baymax with these great looking masks.


Baymax Roleplay Combo Baymax Rocket Fist & Mask Combo (MSRP: $27.99) – PRE-ORDER
Baymax power times two. Harness the power and launch Baymax’s Rocket Fist while donning the adjustable mask.

DISCLAIMER: Disney Consumer Products provided sample merchandise free of charge to this site for consideration. This did not influence the content of the article in any manner.

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