New Season of ‘Aaron Stone’ Starts February 24 with New Characters; New Online Games to be Introduced

Disney XD will premiere a second season of the live-action adventure series “Aaron Stone” with two back-to-back episodes on WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 24 (8:00 p.m., ET/PT). The stories find champion video gamer Charlie Landers and his legendary crime-fighting avatar, Aaron Stone, taking their game to a whole new level when a group of new villains escape and threaten world domination.

Intriguing new characters are introduced this season, including Damaged, the son of Helix, who has telekinetic powers; Mr. Galapagos, a control freak with electro-kinetic powers; Steeltrap, who possesses an internal plasma energy source; Shackles, a super strength mutant; Silver, a super thin mutant who can squeeze through anything; and U, a faceless shape-shifter. will debut two new “Aaron Stone” games for players to earn points and collect new items for their personalized avatars. In “Last Stand,” available now, players must defeat six Omega Defiance bosses in order to stop Kronis from taking over the world. In the second game, launching Tuesday, February 23, players can help Aaron hone his skills and dodge, run and jump faster in order to defeat the new villain Damaged and his henchmen.

Following the linear premiere, full episodes of “Aaron Stone” will be available via, Disney XD VOD, Disney XD Mobile VOD, iTunes and XBOX.

The premiere schedule is:

  • “Aaron Stone” (8:00 p.m.) In the Season Two premiere, “Damage Control,” a new threat arises when the hooded villain, Damaged, frees himself and a bus full of failed experiments, criminals and mutants and begins picking off the remaining Omega Defiance members. Dr. Necros comes looking to Aaron Stone for protection but instead leads him into Damaged’s clutches. Meanwhile, Jason is determined to get Charlie a dream job working at the video game and comic store, Never-ending Comics.

  • “Aaron Stone” (8:30 p.m.) In the episode “In the Game of the Father,” when Charlie discovers that his father worked for the Omega Defiance, the news sends him into a tailspin as he tries to prove that his father wasn’t evil. Charlie follows clues left by his father to track down an intelligence serum, which leads Aaron Stone to a rematch with Damaged . With new threats to the world, T. Abner Hall enlists Vas and Ram to create a ‘Hero Rising’ expansion pack to help Charlie train for his inevitable confrontation with these new villains..

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