‘Shakespeare in Love’ Play (Musical?) Report by Stitch Kingdom Confirmed

Variety recently confirmed a speculative report by Stitch Kingdom made in May of 2010 that Disney Theatrical was working on a staged version of the Miramax film Shakespeare in Love, perhaps even a musical version of it.

The film was one of several titles explored by Stitch Kingdom as potential projects for Disney Theatrical based on domain name registrations made which included several other film-to-stage projects, some already in development. Domains for the ‘Shakespeare in Love’ project included ShakespeareInLoveBroadway.com, ShakespeareInLoveOnBroadway.com, ShakespeareOnTour.com, and ShakespeareTheMusical.com.

According to the reports, the production will premiere in London as a join production between Disney Theatrical and Sonia Friedman Productions. It will be adapted by the stage by noted playwright Tom Stoppard who also co-wrote the script for the film itself.

No word yet on whether it will indeed be a musical or has its eyes on Broadway as of yet.

On a related note, Stitch Kingdom’s speculation that ‘Peter and the Starcatchers,’ the play based on the Peter Pan prequel set of books by Ridley Pearson and Dave Barry, would be making its way to Broadway made back in April of 2010, was also recently validated, with an anticipated opening date of spring 2012.

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