Siemens Displays Unique ‘Smart Chopper’ from Orange County Choppers at Innoventions

It may be hard to separate the rev from the motorcycle, but guests at Innoventions at Epcot recently had the opportunity to learn more about a quieter kind of bike made by Siemens.

This new environmentally friendly electric motorcycle known as the “Smart Chopper” is a one-of-a-kind, custom electric American chopper designed by renowned motorcycle manufacturer Orange County Choppers. Building on its reputation for leading-edge innovation and quality, Siemens’ team of engineers designed the bike to travel as fast as 60 mph on a single charge using new and recycled materials.

Continuing its ongoing relationship with Walt Disney World Resort, the Siemens Smart Chopper exhibit promotes sustainability and green technologies. The exhibit engages Disney guests by asking them to choose from a list of charities to receive the proceeds generated by an auction once the motorcycle completes its tour around the country.

“Embracing new technology is a strategic priority at Innoventions,” said Dan Cockerell, vice president of Epcot. “This unique Siemens exhibit delivers a positive message about the next generation of smart, green business and supports our commitment to create outstanding guest experiences so we’re very pleased to be a stop on the U.S. tour.”

This green motorcycle also uses LED lighting and has a built-in charger that can be plugged into any 110-volt outlet. Siemens is a global leader in electronics and electrical engineering, and operates in the industry, energy and healthcare sectors. After its stint at Innoventions at the end of January, the motorcycle exhibit will continue spreading the message of environmental initiatives over the next year.

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One thought on “Siemens Displays Unique ‘Smart Chopper’ from Orange County Choppers at Innoventions

  1. Hi! Is this bike like the model seen at D 23 for the new Tron sequel? It looked pretty cool and I can't wait for the film after all these years. Just renewed my d 23 early and will receive a disney “pin” too!

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