Sneak Peek: Blooper Reel from Hannah Montana The Movie on Blu-ray and DVD August 18

In anticipation of the Blu-ray and DVD release of Hannah Montana The Movie on August 18, we are pleased to bring you this sneak peek at some of the hilarious bloopers that occurred while making the film.

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Despite accidentally eating some chicken feed that flew into her mouth while filming a scene, Miley found a new BFF in her fine feathered co-stars, even wanting to take one home with her. Miley said, ‘Other stars walk around Hollywood with little dogs under their arms, but I want to walk around with my little chicken!’ For the record, Miley also confessed that chicken feed tastes disgusting, so please don’t try it at home.

Hannah Montana The Movie on Blu-ray and DVD ©Disney. All Rights Reserved.In addition to the Bloopers, here are some of the extras you’ll find only on the 2-Disc DVD pack and Blu-Ray Combo Pack:
* A DisneyFile version of the film so you can take it with you anywhere on your portable media player.
* A New Music Video
* Find Your Way Back Home – Miley, Emily, Billy Ray, and other cast members share with us “THEIR” hometowns: the people, places & things that make ‘em special. We’ll go to a pottery class with Miley & her sister, visit their favorite ice cream shop, and other haunts around the Franklin Tennessee Town Square. Billy Ray saddles up his iron horse to show us home viewers a firsthand account of the beauty a country town like Thompson’s Station Tennessee has to offer. But not everyone is from a small country town. Emily will show us what it’s like to grow up in the entertainment Mecca we like to call Hollywood. Perhaps it will inspire us all to find a little reason to brag of our own hailing?
* Production 101: Jackson Style – Jason Earles is more than Miley’s big brother on TV. He is quite the accomplished actor. Here he will put his talents to use by interviewing cast & crew and giving us a true behind the scenes look at how this movie was made. He’ll cover the fashion, the music, the stars, lights, camera…action!
* Deleted Scenes with Director Commentary

The Blu-ray combo pack (which includes film in DVD format) also includes these special Blu-ray only features:
* 7 Music Videos in All
* The HoeDown ThrowDown Home Experience – everyone in the movie has to learn to do it, and now you can too. Famed choreographer Jamal Sims and some of our cast members will show us all step by step how to do the dance everyone is talking about.
* The Hannah Montana Store – an interactive experience that allows viewers to create a wish list of items displayed in the film and move desired items onto the internet via BD-Live capabilities. Through “Hannah’s Country Store” viewers will be able to click on the products in the movie, obtain information about the product, and purchase the merchandise.
* BD Radio Disney – Fans can stream live Radio Disney audio through their home entertainment system, complete with artist and song information and lyrics! Users can also quickly link to site offering their favorite songs for purchase.

Hannah Montana The Movie has a suggested retail price of $29.99 SRP (US) or $35.99 SRP (Canada) for the 1-Disc DVD, $39.99 SRP (US) or $44.99 SRP (Canada) for the 2-Disc DVD, and $44.99 (US) or $51.99 SRP (Canada) for the 3-Disc Blu-ray Combo pack.

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