Sneak Peek: ‘Disney Animators’ Collection’ of Princess Dolls from Disney Store

Disney Animators' Collection from Disney Store © DisneyLater this week, we’ll be spending some time with Disney animator Mark Henn who has served as supervising animator for most of Disney’s most memorable characters over the past few decades, including all of the modern Disney princesses through Tiana. Now Henn, along with Glenn Keane, who was supervising animator for Rapunzel, have teamed together to design a brand new of collectible dolls available exclusively at Disney Store and, appropriately titled the ‘Disney Animators’ Collection.’

In doing some routine research for our upcoming conversation with Henn, we managed to stumble upon this photo of the collection recently posted on Flickr, where the poster also mentioned the dolls have a price tag of $24.50 each.

The collection re-imagines the entire Disney Princess line as toddlers (although both Rapunzel and Tiana were featured as toddlers in their respective films and Ariel was seen as a toddler in the direct-to-video sequel, Ariel’s Beginning). It comes hot on the heels of other successful lines, notably from Jakks Pacific, including the Tolly Tots and Princess and Me collection, which imagines the princesses as tweens.

The collection will be available in fall 2011 and we hope to have some more information as well as some hands-on encounters later this week which we will be happy to report back on.

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