Sneak Peek: Emily Shares Her Story on ABC’s ‘The Bachelor’

ABC has just released the following sneak peek at next week’s episode of ‘The Bachelor’ in which contestant Emily Maynard wrestles with the notion of revealing her heart-wrenching story to Bachelor Brad Womack. In the clip below, Emily shares her story with some of the women she’s competing against and shares her fears regarding letting Brad in on her tragic tale.

If you’ve seen the series premiere, you’re no doubt already familiar with her story, but if you haven’t, Emily was engaged to be married to NASCAR driver Ricky Hendrick who died in a plane crash in 2004. Emily was supposed to be on the plane with Ricky but wasn’t feeling well so she opted to stay behind only to learn that she wasn’t sick after all, but actually pregnant at the age of 18 with the couple’s daughter, named in her father’s honor.

On next week’s episode of ‘The Bachelor,’ tensions are already mounting among the 17 remaining bachelorettes and resentment runs high when it’s revealed there’ll be two special one-on-one dates – each with a rose at stake – and a group date. And once again, some women will not get a date at all.

Ashley S. is invited to find her “love song” with Brad as the couple visits the iconic Capitol Records building where so many legendary singers like Frank Sinatra have recorded their hits. Brad tells Ashley that they’ll be crooning a tune of their own. Little does he know that the song he has chosen – Seal’s “Kiss from a Rose”-holds significant meaning in his date’s life. Ashley is emotional enough, but when Seal himself appears, it’s a moment she will never forget. But will this vulnerable bachelorette conquer her fears and make beautiful music with Brad, or will the singing and romance be totally off key?

Twelve bachelorettes get ready for their close-up as Brad takes them to shoot their own action adventure movie. The competition is fierce, but only one woman can be his screen co-star. When an especially playful bachelorette gets physical with Brad, jealousy reigns. Later he escorts the women to a spectacular rooftop after-party where he finally discovers a softer side to one tough lady. One determined bachelorette locks lips with Brad – stopping at nothing to secure herself a rose.

Emily has the final one-on-one date with Brad, but anxiety soon overrides her excitement as she realizes she has to reveal her tragic history to Brad on the date. The majestic California hills of the wine country serve as a perfect backdrop for a day of romance. But will this reserved bachelorette open up? And if she refuses, will Brad send her home without a rose?

Brad handles a tough but exciting week of dates, but feels he would like to talk to the therapist he has seen for the last three years in order to sort out his feelings. He wants to make sure that his past Bachelor experience doesn’t repeat itself. He discovers with his therapist’s help that he should be more open for the women to feel more comfortable with him. Brad puts the advice to good use at the cocktail party and it works like a charm. But just when everything seems to be going his way, one enigmatic bachelorette makes a startling departure that leaves Brad reeling and jolts the women. Only 14 women remain at the end of the night to continue on the fairytale journey.

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