Sneak Peek: Mitchel Musso’s ‘Prankstars’ on Disney Channel

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Disney Channel has provided us with these sneak peeks at the first episode of its new reality prank show, ‘Prankstars,’ hosted by Mitchel Musso and featuring your favorite Disney Channel stars.

In this first clip, Mary is at an audition for a bubble gum commercial when she’s paired up with a ‘BFF’ for the ad. When Mary and her new best bud are sent off into a corner to go learn about each other, Mary learns a valuable lesson. If it walks like Selena Gomez and it quacks like Selena Gomez, it’s probably a Selena Gomez impersonator — unless you’re being pranked!

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Next up is 15 year old Luke, who is recruited by Mitchel Musso to fill in for his deadbeat ex-BFF for an interview. Apparently when it comes to faking it, Luke makes the cut. He doesn’t even mind just digging in and getting his hands dirty.

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Also starring in the first episode is ailing Debby Ryan who requests fan Albany fill in for her at a fashion show. It turns out Albany’s so good at the job, she’s asked to fire Debby!

‘Prankstars’ premieres on July 15 at 8 pm on Disney Channel, with new episodes premiering each month with more Disney Channel favorites.

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