Speculation: Disney to Rename ‘Rapunzel’

Disney registered several domain names yesterday which indicate that a speculated and apparently not widely spread rumor may be true: Rapunzel will either be subtitled or simply renamed to something else. A quick google search for The Thief and the Tower turned up but one result from comments on a blog post on a professional animators’ site from early January and the ‘speculation’ was just that. The consensus from those who appeared to have some inside information on the name change is that Disney is looking for a way to make the film appear less princess-y.


But it may not quite end there. Interestingly enough, the very same site contains a more recent blog entry in which a commenter notes that the name may actually become The Hidden Tower, for which Disney also registered THEHIDDENTOWER-MOVIE.COM, THEHIDDENTOWERMOVIE.COM.

And if that’s not enough, Disney also registered domains for Tangled (TANGLED-MOVIE.COM) and The Switch (THESWITCH-MOVIE.COM), although the last may not have any ties to the film.

Rapunzel has already seen one significant name change as it was initially known as Rapunzel Unbraided.

Update: 2/6/10 – Another potential name has been thrown into the mix. See here for more details.

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One thought on “Speculation: Disney to Rename ‘Rapunzel’

  1. If Anything…

    I think they should use `Tangled`as a sub-name, kind of like Pirates of the Caribbean: the Black Pearl, that way people would know that there is more to the story then just `Rapunzel,Rapunzel let down your hair`, but at the same time i keeps it`s fairy tale roots and in addition is also respectful to Walt Disney and the Grimm Brothers, like it could be something like `Rapunzel: the tangled years` or `Rapunzel: A tangled tale of epic proportions` or `Rapunzel: prepared to get tangled` the options are endless, and in my opinion it`s a very ideal compromise.

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