Speculation: Disney Vacation Club Planning to Make Mineral King Ski Resort Finally Happen?

Note/Warning: This article makes a lot of assumptions based on very little evidence and has little basis in reality. Should you choose to continue on, you will be obligated to take it with a grain of salt.

Walt Disney Parks and Resorts Online (WDPRO), the business unit responsible for maintaining the websites for Walt Disney World, Disney Vacation Club and Disney Cruise Line, has recently registered DVCUTAH.COM, inspired with little doubt to fuel speculation that something is afoot. Granted the vague domain name and the fact that domain names are reasonably inexpensive to register — not to mention it’s just the one so far — so let this is your first indication that there’s nothing to be excited about quite yet.

So begging the questions, why Utah and why a ski resort? Well the two naturally go hand-in-hand and Utah is no stranger to The Walt Disney Company, being home to its Avalanche Software division of Disney Interactive Studios as well as being the primary shooting location for the upcoming film from Walt Disney Studios, John Carter of Mars. As for a ski resort, it was a well known pet project for Walt Disney himself that the company to create an entertainment-filled ski resort in California’s Mineral King. Disney worked extensively on the project, even producing what would become the Country Bear Jamboree which was originally intended for the ski resort. Unfortunately the plans fell apart after Disney’s passing, but the dream lives on.

So is it possible that with the introduction of Aulani to Hawaii, a ski resort in Utah is just a hop, skip and ski jump away from finally being coming a reality? Only time (and perhaps a D23 Expo) will tell. Hot Dog!

Update #1: Commenter Mgbrooks reminds us that the next shareholder’s meeting for TWDC is being held on March 23, 2011 in Salt Lake City, Utah, raising another eyebrow.

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3 thoughts on “Speculation: Disney Vacation Club Planning to Make Mineral King Ski Resort Finally Happen?

  1. Did you realize the Annual Shareholder meeting in March is in Salt Lake City. Could that provide the backdrop to an announcement?

    • I knew that when I made the shareholder’s meeting announcement, but I guess I forgot 🙂 That definitely sounds like a much more viable venue. You’re hired!

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