CONFIRMED: Disney/Pixar to Re-title ‘The Bear and the Bow’ as ‘Brave’

UPDATE: Following our initial report on the domain name and trademark registrations, Disney has also gone ahead and registered a few trademark applications specifically for DISNEY PIXAR BRAVE. Here’s an example. Note although the application was filed on March 12, it takes a few days for it to become accessible to us.

They did it to Rapunzel. Big signs are pointing to them doing it to Secretariat. And now it appears the next victim may be the Disney/Pixar original fairy tale The Bear and the Bow.

Once upon a time, it appears that Pixar director Pete Docter ‘slipped up’ and referred to a project they were working on titled Brave. After much speculation then and what appeared to be much ado about apparently nothing, The Pixar Blog quoted a reliable source as noting Brave is simply an internal project name for The Bear and the Bow, as cryptic as one it may be. A Blue Harvest if you will.

But a recent move by the Disney Trademark department might suggest otherwise. Granted ‘Brave’ could be applicable to most anything and certainly may have nothing to do with the film from Pixar Animation Studios, but the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office experienced a flurry of Brave applications very recently — we counted fourteen (so far) — covering the full gamut of products and applications. Here’s just one example.

If we seem like we might be jumping the gun — er, bow — on this one, we won’t deny it. But while we often get the clue when Disney goes to register domain names, the recent activity is very reminiscent of the many trademark applications Disney also recently made for Tangled and Disney Tangled. For those of you playing along at home, however, it turns out that Disney did in fact register BRAVE-MOVIE.COM and BRAVETHEMOVIE.COM back on October 31, 2009 and to-date has registered ZERO domain names related to The Bear and the Bow according to our sources.

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4 thoughts on “CONFIRMED: Disney/Pixar to Re-title ‘The Bear and the Bow’ as ‘Brave’

  1. This is stupid. You mean to tell me that Disney is going crazy over title changes. Tell you what, if Disney really wants to change the title so badly, why not first develop a good story that goes with the title that they at first called it, before deciding if they should change the title or not. However, if they are planning to adapt fairy tales, like Rapunzel, and change the title, do the same thing. But to tell you the truth, I find that title, “Tangled,” misleading according to Floyd Norman, the retired animator for Disney and Pixar, from LA times. The title is funny, but misleading. That word, “Tangled,” is better off used as a joke for Disney's Rapunzel (which I recommend instead of Disney's Tangled) in the scene where a comedian could not stop using that word as a joke to please Rapunzel.

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