CONFIRMED: Eleventh Hour Name Change for Aulani Spa

Concept art for Ulana (or Laniwai?) © Disney EnterprisesWith just a few months to go before Aulani welcomes guests home to Ko Olina, Hawaii on August 29, 2011, Disney Parks and Resorts has made a surprising move. Despite the official Disney Parks blog reporting that Aulani would be naming its spa Ulana (and there being trademark applications to back that claim up), it may surprise you to notice that Ulana isn’t mentioned on Aulani’s official site, despite the fact that every other amenity is named on it.

Recently Disney Parks and Resorts registered additional trademark applications for ‘Laniwai,’ which more or less translates to ‘heavenly water,’ best we can tell (Ulana translates to calm or still). Other than a far more interesting name for a spa, it turns out the applications for Laniwai are for the same services that Ulana will offer, particularly day spa services in addition to clothing and cosmetics.

Update #1: 10/5/11 – Disney Parks has officially confirmed our suspicions, citing the meaning of Laniwai to be ‘freshwater heaven’


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