Speculation: Could Live-Action ‘Lion King’ be on Horizon?

Mufasa and Simba in the live-action adaptation of 'The Lion King'?We try not to be one for rumor-mongering, but we couldn’t help that with all the talk lately of classic Disney animated properties being translated into live-action films such as Sleeping Beauty / Maleficent, Cinderella, Tinker Bell, et al., along with recently discovered photos, that there may be another well-loved property making its way to the big screen in living color. The company has already had some success in adapting a live-action version of 101 Dalmations, so there clearly would be precedent.

In fact, the Walt Disney Company has a long history of using animals as the stars of its live-action features. Although predominantly of the canine and domesticated persuasion, gorillas, elephants, cheetahs and even animatronic bears have made the cut. Even a lion took to the silver screen in the 1972 Disney classic Napoleon and Samantha. And of course there will be Disneynature’s African Cats in 2011 which co-stars a family of lions.

Timon and Pumbaa in live-action adaptation of 'The Lion King'?Needless to say, when we first spotted the photo pictured above as posted by The Daily Mirror, the wheels started turning and it wasn’t too long before @lowieke pointed out this other photo of Timon and Pumbaa playing their parts in front of the camera  as spotted late last year on The Way i Go.

(special thanks to Animatie.blog.nl)

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