Speculation: Mermaids to Join ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ at Walt Disney World

In honor of International Talk Like a Pirate Day, the official Disney Parks blog has announced that Walt Disney Imagineering will soon be taking a cue from the latest Pirates of the Caribbean film franchise, On Stranger Tides, and adding a new feature to the attraction.

Speculation and rumors have run rampant for months that mermaids were intended to be added to the attraction at the Magic Kingdom and the announcement has now re-fueled it along with an off-again/on-again full day closure for the attraction scheduled for October 9.

The attraction has already shared an incestuous love affair with its namesake film, beginning with the addition of Captain Jack Sparrow and Barbossa and inclusion of Davy Jones and Blackbeard from the later films.

Of course it could also end up simply being the Black Pearl in a ship bottle, but the news has certainly sparked the interest of theme park fans. One thing is for certain: if mermaids there be, they probably won’t be of the same sort that once haunted the waters of the lagoon at Disneyland.

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