SPECULATION: ‘Stories in the Sky’ to Replace ‘Wishes’ Fireworks at Magic Kingdom

Although the Walt Disney World Resort differs in its philosophy for entertaining guests than its west coast counterpart, Disneyland — as the latter relies far more heavily on locals and keeping them amused — the Magic Kingdom’s nighttime fireworks program remained mostly unchanged for over a decade. Conversely, within that same time period, Disneyland has had three different shows debut. In other words, it may just be time for ‘Wishes’ to be retired.

While rumors have circulated for about a year regarding a replacement for ‘Wishes’ in either 2015 or 2016, one of the strongest pieces of evidence may in fact be one of the least reliable: domain names.

Yesterday, we noted on Twitter that Disney had registered a bunch of interesting domain names. Among these were: aloveletterfromwalt.com, alovelettertowalt.com, disneyakissgoodnight.com, disneysakissgoodnight.com, loveandfireworks.com, loveletterstowalt.com, lovelettertowalt.com, waltsgoodnightkiss.com, waltskissgoodnight.com and storiesinthesky.com.

What points to the Magic Kingdom in particular are the registrations for the what’s become known as the ‘Kiss Goodnight,’ which has historically been an unadvertised special closing/post-closing ‘show’ at Cinderella Castle which includes a brief audio narration.

Of course, all of this could easily apply to the Magic Kingdom as well as the Disneyland Resort, especially in light of the upcoming 60th anniversary in 2015. Disney Parks entertainment orchestrator Steve Davison hinted at 60th anniversary events in a Disneyland news article on the park’s fireworks shows last month, which interestingly enough contains a section partially titled ‘Story in the Sky.’

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