Spoiled! New Previously Unknown ‘Toy Story 3’ Characters Out Themselves at Toy Fair

Note: This article has been updated with a major correction. See the bottom of this article for details.

By now you probably know who Rex, Hamm and R/C are. You might even have heard of Woody. And if you’re really in the know on the Toy Story lore, you might even have an inkling as to who Buzz Lightyear of Stanor Command is.

But would you recognize Stretch if you saw him?

After this primer of some of the new not-as-of-yet officially released Disney/Pixar Toy Story 3 characters, you will. Amaze your friends and neighbors as you proudly declare that Buttercup is your favorite new Toy Story character or that Chunk can beat up your frenemy’s dad. It’s all* right here. (* no, it’s not).

Most of our new introductions come courtesy of a manufacturer of quality plush toys, particularly Disney. In their booth (in which no photos were allowed for obvious reasons), we were introduced to the following:

He’s actually prominently featured in the trailer but his name is no longer a mystery. Neither is his secret power (which hasn’t been officially revealed yet) which is name suggests: Stretch can presumably… wait for it… wait for it… wait for it… stretch! (no doubt much in the same vein as his namesake, the infamous Stretch Armstrong). Of course, eight stretchy arms is four times the fun than two. From this trailer cap, we can see that the texture and seams on Stretch appear to support this assumption. (Note the plush does not stretch, but it does get you kicked out of the booth if you try)

Chunk is also featured several times in the trailer, albeit in a much smaller, passive role. We actually learned of his name from LEGO who includes him in the Lotso’s Dump Truck set. Mind you matching a LEGO figure to the trailer is a bit of a jump, but he’s unique enough that we believe he’s one and the same, thanks to his unmistakable build and LEGO’s commitment to quality. Given what LEGO has learned us, we do believe Chunk to be an associate of Lotso (but nothing has been confirmed in this respect). Unfortunately, although he does seem familiar to me, I don’t really know what kind of toy Chunk is, so I’ve simply highlighted him in the trailer cap below:

Truth be told, we don’t know if this is her actual name or just a temporary name. Given the fact that Jessie’s name was misspelled on the packaging — and it wouldn’t be uncommon at the Toy Fair — we believe the packaging is probably only a mock-up and might have been given the a temporary name — we need to be a little suspicious given how generic it is. Then again, it’s possible a toy manufacturer could market a product as simply ‘rag doll’ and could just be an element of playfulness thrown in by Pixar. Or she could be a one-off homemade doll (though she does look properly manufactured). In any case, here’s ‘Rag Doll’ as we know her as seen in the trailer:

Buttercup is the only one we learned about that we can’t find in the trailer. We looked. Almost twice. In any case, Buttercup is a unicorn. Come to think of it, unicorns aren’t real. Does that mean Buttercup doesn’t really exist? It just might. We have no photographic evidence. But truth is, do any of us really know what’s reality and what isn’t? Who are we to definitively say what’s real and what’s not? Are you real? Are we real? Is real real?

Yes, it is.

Update: As per the LEGO description, the character’s name is CHUNK, not CRUNCH. Somehow it managed to get lost in translation. All mentions have been changed above.

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