‘Squirrel Baby’ from ‘LOST’ Seeks Home at Memorabilia Auction

Squirrel Baby © ABC Studios, courtesy of Profiles in HistoryWith an estimated value of $300 – $500, Claire’s ‘squirrel baby’ from ‘LOST’ season six episode The Lighthouse is just one of many of the fascinating memorabilia items that will be up for bids at Profile in History’s ‘LOST’ Exhibit and Auction in Santa Monica on August 21 and 22.

After three years of living alone on the island, Claire kept a substitute baby fashioned of animal parts with buttons for eyes.  When Kate questioned Claire about what it was, Claire told her it was ‘all I had.’

In the clip below, the cast, crew and creators of ‘LOST’ ponder the charm and magic of what is affectionately known as the squirrel baby.

[media id=86 width=520 height=336]

The clip is from just one of the many bonus features found in the ‘LOST’ season six DVD collection, now available for pre-order.

For more details on the exhibit and auction, click here.

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