Staggs Hints Disney Parks RFID MagicBand Could Integrate with ‘Disney Infinity’

Earlier today, at the All Things Digital conference, Disney Parks and Resorts chairman Tom Staggs took the stage to speak on the MyMagic+ experience being developed for Disney Parks, following a brief introduction to the system by Edna Mode of Disney/Pixar’s The Incredibles (video of appearance available here). Staggs spoke about the experience, beginning with online reservations for activities and dining — even suggesting guests will be able to order their entire meal online so service will start immediately upon arrival at the restaurant — and other perks guests can expect to receive with the system’s MagicBand, given specific permissions. One such example is that Staggs confirmed (as we have long suspected and promoted) characters at meet and greets will know guests’ names automatically. To that end, Staggs also talked about the talking Mickey Mouse technology that is under development by Walt Disney Imagineering and has promised he too will come along for the experience. In addition, Staggs also talked about how attractions such as “it’s a small world” will be modified to include acknowledging celebrations of a guest during the actual ride through. He also talked about how the band (which uses a combination of BlueTooth and RFID technology) will be customizable through items he compared to Crocs’ jibbitz.

When asked whether there was potential for the MagicBand outside Walt Disney World (Staggs indicated that all resorts worldwide will be receiving some variation on the MyMagic+ experience), Staggs responded by making a strong reference to the upcoming ‘Disney Infinity,’ which we know to make use of RFID technology through a reader:

‘As an example, I think that seeing something like that tie into other Disney experiences both makes sense and is something that we’re thinking about. And one of the things that we know is that — and Bob Iger said this two years ago — people have no interest in consuming the Disney org chart, they want to have a relationship with Disney overall and so it’s  important for us to be integrated in that way. So one of the things we’ve got — and I won’t make a specific announcement — but [Disney] Infinity is coming out, which is the new game with the playables, so that’s an opportunity to think about how [the MagicBand] might enable something else in the game, so that’s something we’ve got in mind and I’ll let John Pleasants announce it.’

So although he stopped short of acknowledging that the MagicBand will integrate with ‘Disney Infinity’ on some level, it’s a pretty strong suggestion in our book.

UPDATE: A spokesperson for Disney Interactive declined to comment.

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