‘Star Wars Attack Squadrons’ Mystery Project; ‘Disney Side’ Parks Campaign

Yesterday, both Lucasfilm and Disney registered a series of domain names, clearly pointing to a couple of large projects we can possibly expect to learn more about in the coming months, if not much sooner.

‘Star Wars Attack Squadrons’ (or some variation thereof) is one of the two. Domains registered by Lucasfilm include: attacksquadron.org, attacksquadron.us, attacksquadrons.org, attacksquadrons.us, attacksquads.org, attacksquads.us, starwarsattacksquadrons.org, starwarsattacksquadrons.us, starwarssquad.org, starwarssquad.us, starwarssquadrons.org, starwarssquadrons.us, starwarssquads.org, starwarssquads.us, swattacksquadron.org, swattacksquadron.us, swattacksquadrons.org and swattacksquadrons.us.

At this time, none of these domain names are functioning, so it’s anyone’s guess as to what ‘Star Wars Attack Squadrons’ (or Attack Squads) will entail, but aside from Star Wars Episode VII, we know that Electronic Arts was recently awarded the exclusive rights to develop video games for the franchise (though they are already working on a ‘Star Wars Battlefront’ title), new series are in development, such as ‘Star Wars Rebels,’ Walt Disney Imagineering will be teasing a new Star Wars attraction at D23 Expo (but not making a formal announcement) and a ton of other possibilities. Fortunately, however, we may not have to wait too long as we are also in the midst of Star Wars Celebration Europe which continues on throughout the weekend.

Meanwhile, Disney Parks is prepping to reveal something called ‘Disney Side,’ where guests will be encouraged to show their ‘Disney Side’ through the unfortunately abbreviated MDS (My Disney Side). While none of the domains registered yesterday are functioning (mydisneyside.net, showmydisneyside.com, showyourdisneyside.com and miladodisney.com), we are positive it’s Disney Parks related as Disney has also recently registered disneyside.com which is active, though it simply redirects to the Disney Parks website.

It is a little early, traditionally speaking, but Disney Side could be related to a Disney Parks campaign for 2014. And on that note, just to play Emperor’s advocate, could Disney Side be a Star Wars related campaign? UPDATE: We have connected Disney Side to a potential upcoming campaign titled ‘Find Your Disney Side’ — see more information here.

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7 thoughts on “‘Star Wars Attack Squadrons’ Mystery Project; ‘Disney Side’ Parks Campaign

  1. This post was a hot topic of conversation at breakfast with my Star Wars Junkie-Gamer-Cosplay friends this morning. We found it most interesting that these are all .org and .us. Not what one would really expect from a domain registered for a game of any sort profit driven enterprise. We wondered if they could possibly be trying to supplant the 501st Legion with their own Disney/Lucas approved Cosplay-Reenactment-Charitable organization.

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