TOY FAIR: Cook with The Force You Must with These ‘Star Wars’ Kitchen Items

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Let’s face it — the Emperor can be a real ball buster. So naturally when it comes to cracking nuts, nobody can hold a candle to the Empire’s very own TIE Fighter nutcracker, one of several Star Wars-themed kitchen items being introduced at the 111th Annual International Toy Fair in NYC by importer Underground Toys. Also on the dark side are: espresso mugs which feature portraits and catchy catchphrases like ‘He’s no good to me dead’ and ‘Death Star Canteen / Property of the Empire, do not remove;’ a cutting board in the form of the Death Star; and the ‘Feel the Force’ self-stirring coffee mug.

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On the lighter side, R2-D2 proves to be huge asset in the kitchen as he assumes the form of a pizza cutter (with sound), bottle stopper, kitchen timer, egg cup and even as a salt shaker to R2-Q5’s pepper shaker. Prepare your food inside using the Millennium Falcon cutting board or take it outside with the lightsaber BBQ tongs (with sound effects). Also shown at Toy Fair were an X-Wing Fighter knife block in which the knives helped compose the iconic ship’s profile and a 3-mug stackable set which features the top, middle and bottom of characters like Han Solo, that allowed you to mix’n’match bodies by positioning the mugs.


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