‘Stitch Encounter’ to Replace ‘Captain EO’ at Tokyo Disney Resort

'Sttitch Encounter' at Hong Kong DisneylandWith the actual attraction name yet to be announced/confirmed, the Oriental Land Company (OLC) today announced that it will be closing ‘Captain EO’ on June 30, 2014 to make way for a new attraction to debut at Tokyo Disneyland. The new attraction will be akin to ‘Stitch Encounter’ at Hong Kong Disneyland and ‘Stitch Live!’ at Walt Disney Studios Paris in that it will allow up to 160 guests to ‘communicate with Stitch, who is in outer space, in real time over the theater’s large screen. The entire family will enjoy the fun-filled conversations with the mischievous Stitch.’

Captain EO, which returned to the resort on July 1, 2010, was initially meant to close on June 30, 2011, but temporarily granted a reprieve.

At an estimated cost just north of $19 million US, the new attraction is slated to open in summer 2015. Note concept art provided is from Hong Kong Disneyland and may not represent the final attraction at Tokyo Disneyland.

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