Stitch Kingdom Debuts New Deals Alert System

With all due respect to Jack Donaghy, we too like to do a little innoventing from time to time and in the past few days, we’ve been doing exactly that.

Many of our readers know that for a while now, we have been reporting on new items as they become available on, items which include specials such as limited edition items, Vinylmation collectibles, D23 member exclusives and more, long before other outlets take note of them.

While that service to our readers has already proven to be very successful, we knew it could do more — we needed to find a way to plus the unique service we already provided. For example, we were limiting on what we were reporting simply because of the time and energy required. We also could only tell you what was new, not what had just gone on sale, nor could we provide direct links most of the time because the item was too new to be available in the affiliate database.

All this has now changed. Many of you have already witnessed the fruits of the technology we’ve been implementing over the past few days and over the next couple of weeks, we hope to expand this to bigger and better shopping opportunities for the thousands of Disney fans who visit us daily. We are thrilled to introducing to you our unrivaled Deals Alert System and give you an insider’s look into how it works and how you can make it work for you.

Each morning, while most of us are still sleeping (or going to sleep), updates its inventory. Our automated system then rummages through the inventory database and finds all the new items and new deals. Unfortunately we can’t provide more information on how this works, but trust us, it works — very well.

Around 7 am EST, the alert system itself kicks in and currently does this in a couple of ways. First, a news item is automatically generated and (currently) submitted for manual review before its published. This news item contains only new items available at This is primarily because when initiates a sale (like the recent twice a year sale), it can mark down dozens of items, if not hundreds and that would be one heck of a news item to sort through.

But if it is deals you’re after, there’s another way to find them right now and that’s on Twitter. By following @SK_TDSAlerts on Twitter, you’ll learn not only about all the new items, but also about all the items whose prices have been marked down that day. With sales routinely running between 25%-70% or more, you really don’t want to pass up these opportunities that you’ll be the first to learn about. And just in case does introduce a huge sale one day, the @SK_TDSAlerts account is capped at sending no more than 5 tweets per half hour, so you won’t be flooded by alerts for amazing deals.

In the future, we hope to expand on what the service offers in addition to possibly adding other shopping service alerts such as if it proves to be successful. We welcome your thoughts and suggestions and hope you enjoy the new service.

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