Disney Trading Announces Live Vinylmation Chat with Disney’s Steven Miller

Steven MillerIt’s hard to believe that Disney pin trading started just over a decade ago and has since gone on to become a worldwide phenomenon with casual and serious collectors amassing personal collections to keep and trade.

In 2008, lightning struck twice when Disney Trading and the Disney Design Group introduced Vinylmation – 3″ and 9″ vinyl figures in the form of a Mickey Mouse canvas and  decorated in all sorts of fanciful ways. After the release of a number of series, the Vinylmation fever carried on to plushes and clothing and merchandise and even shops dedicated to the new collectible. With even  more innovative lines on the way including the new Vinylmation Jr. and other inspired must-haves such as keychains and notebooks, Vinylmation is bigger than ever and shows no sign of stopping!

No stranger to avid Disney pin and Vinylmation collectors, Disney Trading Project Manager — and frequent contributor to the Disney Parks blog — Steven Miller loves meeting and talking with fans and now he’s looking to interact with fans all around the world in an exciting live chat that will take place on April 29 at 7:30 PM ET/4:30 PM PT.

So here’s your opportunity to ask the guru anything you wanted to know about Vinylmation and aren’t afraid to ask! Questions are being accepted now, so be the first to ask the question burning inside you and come back on April 29 to  hear Steven’s responses live!

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4 thoughts on “Disney Trading Announces Live Vinylmation Chat with Disney’s Steven Miller

  1. Hi, and thank you for your valuable contribution to the thread.

    Actually, the event is being promoted exclusively by us in conjunction with Disney Trading. It happens. Our thousands of followers on both Twitter and Facebook were already aware that we had been teasing the event for weeks before the official announcement and one really need no look further than the above URL which comes directly from Disney and literally has our name in it as well as the new promotional graphic featured in the sidebar which was provided to us by Disney, designed to fit both the space and color scheme.

    And — needless to say — we were the first to report it. We're thrilled to be working with Disney on this promotion and hope it to be the first of many.

  2. I'm not sure how that matters. I never asked them to promote me, this is about Steven Miller and Vinylmation. We work with Disney all the time to bring you valuable information and just because a DVD doesn't have our name on it, it doesn't mean we didn't give it away.

    All of the above information I've already stated is true and unless you want to try to dispute the facts I've already presented, it's a bit pointless to continue to argue about it or to try to stir up trouble. You obviously got your news from here and that's all we could hope for. Thank you and the rest of our friends in VA for being a valued Stitch Kingdom reader and we hope you enjoy the chat!

    By the way, the word is 'their,' not 'there.'

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