First Glimpse: Disney Store Princess Designer Doll Collection


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Scheduled to make their debut at the 2011 Disney D23 Expo, the Disney Store exclusive Princess Designer Collection brings haute couture to the world of Disney Princesses. Designed by Disney Store artist, the collection consists of all ten princesses, styled and dressed as they might appear walking down the runway at the next great fashion show.

The dolls will be released on a weekly basis, beginning on August 22, at which point, all of the dolls should be on display at local Disney Store locations. We are told they will retail for $59.50 each and, according to the literature now being distributed at Disney Store locations, they will be released in varying edition sizes and will each be available in extremely limited supply. As a bonus, Disney D23 Expo attendees will have the opportunity to pre-purchase the entire collection ($595).

There will also be a limited edition 10 piece pin set (pictured above) featuring representation of the collection. It will be limited to an edition size of 150 sets and each set will retail for $200.

Below are images taken from the brochure for the collection currently being distributed at Disney Store. Click on each thumbnail to enlarge and click on the resize arrows to see the images in their original sizes.

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Update #1: 8/10/11 – Added additional images from Disney Store including the box for the 25th anniversary Designer Cinderella doll which is in addition to the full collection. The doll is exclusive to the Disney D23 Expo and will be limited to 250 pieces, also retailing for $59.50.

Hat tip to Disney Pin Forum

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