Disney Plans to Stream Virtual Reality Movies and Content Online

Disney Movies VRAccording to recent trademark applications, Disney plans to stream virtual reality movies and videos through an online service called ‘Disney Movies VR.’ Two such applications have been published by the US Patent and Trademark Office to date: serial number 86957194 is ‘computer software and downloadable applications for delivering, accessing, downloading, streaming, playing, browsing, and viewing virtual reality and digital content;’ and serial number 86957196 is for ‘streaming and delivery of virtual reality and digital content.’

As there has been no official announcement for Disney’s plans to stream virtual reality content, a timeline and type of content can only be pure speculation, but the trademark strongly suggests Disney’s eventual intent. It should also be noted that Disney recently heavily invested in Jaunt, a company that produces a motion picture-quality 360 degree video camera intended for virtual reality use. The company has been experimenting with virtual reality experiences in recent periods, including a Google Cardboard tie-in with Star Wars The Force Awakens.

Update: Disney has now registered DisneyMoviesVR.com

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