Disney Studio All Access Finally Launching This Month? (Introducing Disney Everywhere’s Movie Cloud)

Disney Studio All Access for iPhone DevicesNow that Disney (NYSE:DIS) has finally gotten its ‘TV Everywhere’ initiative off the ground, as we first reported earlier this month — with even more networks such as ABC Family on the way, along with cable providers beyond Comcast — the focus now shifts to Disney’s extensive film collection.

An announcement made last week on Disney Movies Online has raised some eyebrows, causing some to ponder if DSAA/Keychest’s time has finally arrived. Certainly the changes coming to DMO on June 27 are worth the contemplation: accounts for those under 13 not permitted; accounts only for United States users; and a slew of films that won’t be available for viewing online for the foreseeable future.

More curiously, however, and perhaps more to the point, are the following domain names very recently registered by the company: DISNEYANYWHERE.COM, DISNEYEVERYWHERE.COM, DISNEYMOVIECLOUD.COM, DISNEYMOVIESANYWHERE.COM, DISNEYMOVIESEVERYWHERE.COM.

While it’s possible Disney Studio All Access may finally reveal itself to the world this summer (see our sneak peek for more details), what we’re more likely to see is an interim phase in which Disney Movies Online simply goes mobile on Apple iOS and Android devices.

As far as DSAA is concerned, Disney has officially been maintaining a ‘wait and see’ attitude, monitoring the successes and failures of UltraViolet, the only competing service. UltraViolet has managed to rack up more than 3 million accounts since its debut, most of which as a result of a push campaign by Walmart this year,  but continues to confuse and disappoint its customer base.

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