Sneak Peek: Disney Studio All Access

Disney Studio All Access for iPhone DevicesSince Disney’s earnest campaign to announce the arrival of its digital movie locker service, Disney Studio All Access (DSAA) just prior to last year’s Disney D23 Expo, there hasn’t been much of it seen beyond a teaser website and an open invitation to ‘be the first to learn more.’ Indeed, while UltraViolet (a competing technology) has already hit the market, Disney CEO and President Robert Iger admitted earlier this year that ‘we haven’t rolled out KeyChest as extensively as we hoped that we would at this point.’

So when DSAA will finally roll out remains to be seen (though a Facebook page created for it in late March promises it will be ‘soon’ — given no indication as to whether the page is official), but we do have some potential additional information on the service. We have acquired several screenshots of the Disney Studio All Access (aka Mobile Movie Transport System) app for Apple iPhone and iPad devices as well as the website itself and, through them, have learned what features are likely to be available when the system opens up to consumers.

First, of course, is the option to watch films the consumer already owns. Integration with Disney Movie Rewards means that the consumer will be able to see their balance right from the DSAA app/site as well as type in new codes. A children’s filter will allow parents to restrict viewing to either PG/G rated or strictly G rated films. Owning films also means access to simple bonus features such as featurettes and deleted scenes.

In addition to watching films that are owned, the DSAA system allows you to purchase any Disney film available through the service as well as monitor for films not yet accessible through the system. Films can be either searched for by titles or browsed via categories and even by character. For the actual purchase, there appears to be integration with iTunes as well as, with perhaps more vendors that couldn’t be readily identified. Alternatively, films can be bookmarked on a wish list for future consideration.




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