Swampy the Gator from ‘Where’s My Water’ Headed to Disney Parks

Swampy at Disney Parks
After topping the iTunes app charts for months, what is Swampy the Gator from the Disney Mobile franchise, ‘Where’s My Water?’ going to do next? He’s going to Walt Disney World, of course! Maybe sneaking in a bath or two first though.

Disney Parks has quietly launched SWAMPYATDISNEY.COM, a mobile mini-site that shares the above image along with the following teaser:

For the first time Swampy is leaving his subterranean home for a vacation in the human world. There were a lot of water parks to choose from, but Swampy has settled on two of the crown jewels: Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach at the vacation capital of the human world, Walt Disney World. Humans haven’t made it very easy for alligators to travel freely, but Swampy is finding that getting there is at least part of the fun!

Rumors of a meet and greet character version of Swampy have been swirling about for months, but this is a pretty good suggestion from an official source that he is coming. Sources have indeed confirmed to us that costuming has created a character costume for Swampy and that whispers of what amounts to a ‘publicity stunt’ have been traded amongst the inner circles at the Walt Disney World Resort, so expect to hear more about this event soon. Blizzard Beach has offered meet and greet opportunities in the past with its mascot, Ice Gator, whom Swampy is sure to get along with swimmingly.

The site also makes mention of the Typhoon Lagoon-inspired hidden level in Where’s My Water? FREE. The hidden level is called ‘Waterslide’ and can be accessed through the Collection screen in the game by scrolling down and tapping on the life preserver (thanks to @WillD79). Another hidden level, ‘Ups and Downs,’ can be found on the same screen by scrolling upwards and clicking on the arrow. The same level can be found in the paid version of Where’s My Water? on the Collection screen, while clicking on the sun after scrolling down will reveal ‘Good Morning’ as featured on ABC’s  ‘Good Morning America.’

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