Swampy ‘Where’s My Water?’ Merchandise Now Available from DisneyStore.com

'Where's My Water?' Tri-Duckin' Tee from DisneyStore.comWith over 27,000 votes and an obscenely rare perfect rating on the Apple AppStore (even for apps with a fraction of that count), it’s pretty evident that all the world loves Swampy and his physics-puzzler, ‘Where’s My Water?’ from Disney Mobile. Thus when news of an original web-series featuring Swampy, girlfriend Ally, and the rest of the residents of the sewer broke, the response was more of a sigh of relief than shock.

But before the series makes its debut in early 2012, we have news of another spin-off venture featuring Swampy the Alligator: the wonderful world of merchandise. Beginning today, DisneyStore.com is offering three adult tees which allow fans to wear their affection for the game. To view and order the new merchandise, visit DisneyStore.com and enter ‘Where’s My Water’ in the ‘what are you searching for?’ box.

If the current offerings aren’t enough to whet (or should we say wet?) your appetite, you can also employ official images of Swampy, Ally and the rubber ducks on any customizable product from DisneyStore.com via their agreement with Zazzle.

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