Swarovski Introduces Limited Edition Stitch Figurine

Limited Edition Stitch Figurine by SwarovskiSwarovski has literally gone to the dogs with this out of the world crystal figurine of Stitch, from Disney’s Lilo & Stitch. The irresistibly cute figurine consists of faceted Medium Sapphire Satin crystal and features Jet crystal eyes and a Dark Sapphire crystal nose. His inner ears are printed in violet with a special chrome effect. He measures 3 1/8 x 3 5/16 and retails for $325.

Included with the figurine is a surfboard title plaque in Crystal Golden Shadow features the words Disney’s Stitch in black print.

For more information as well as to view the figurine in 360 degrees, visit Swarovski.com.

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One thought on “Swarovski Introduces Limited Edition Stitch Figurine

  1. I was just at Reeds N Jenss Decor and they advised that this item had been reduces to $130.00, Both my son and I love Stitch, in bad times the movie always cheered us up; especially once we found out I had sustained a severe spinal injury. My point is, now I am in a position at this price to possibly give a beautiful Crystal Stitch a loving home to 2 survivors of tragedy. However, I am unable to locate where he may be. The places I have found Stitch are asking for $400+. Could you please, help me find a location that may still have a Stitch. I know the reasons why we want him are of no importance, but I thought I would explain and ask. Thank you & God Bless

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