Swarovski Debuts $9K Limited Edition Disney Sculptures

Minnie Mouse Sculpture by SwarovskiPhotos often can’t do the real thing justice and this tends to be especially true when it comes to Swarovski, whose crystal pieces need to be appreciated ‘in the flesh’ as its crystals’ facets play off the angles of light they reflect. If this is indeed true, there is little doubt that two of Swarovski’s 2013 limited edition figures are amongst its finest ever produced.

Feast your eyes on Minnie Mouse, who (of course) looks incredibly gorgeous in the only photo currently available alone. Minnie’s no shrinking violet either. She stands nearly ten inches tall and features 32,000 hand-set crystals.

Limited to an edition size of just 100, it should come as no surprise that her price tag is set at a mere $8900. Because of the edition size as well as the price, it’s likely the only way she’ll be seen prior to purchase is online. Calls to several Swarovski shops in New York City were met with disappointment and the near-certainty that she’ll be extremely difficult to find in person.

For those of you pulling out your wallets at this very second, just a friendly reminder. It would be a flaw to own Minnie and not Mickey, so Swarovski has created a Mickey Mouse sculpture as well. He too costs $8900, despite being a bit smaller in mass and consisting of ‘just’ 21,000 Swarovski crystals. Unfortunately he is not yet available to purchase online but should be soon. Both figures come stored in their own ‘premium blue suitcase.’

If you do happen to spot either at a Swarovski retailer near you, please let us know.

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