Taking Impulse Buying to All New Heights: Disneyland Paris Tickets To Be Available On Planes

Onboard Retail Solutions® has secured an agreement with Disney Destinations International UK to sell Disneyland Paris park ticket vouchers to passengers onboard airlines and trains travelling into Paris.

Under the agreement, ‘Onboard’ will offer passengers the opportunity to purchase park ticket vouchers to enter Disneyland Paris onboard certain high speed trains travelling to the French capital. A full variety of passes will be offered, all of which are printed off, in voucher form, by the crew from a hand held terminal, at the point of sale onboard the train. As an added incentive, passengers purchasing the vouchers will benefit from competitive prices. The service will be initially deployed on Eurostar in co-operation with the train catering specialists, Momentum.

Similarly, airlines using ‘Onboard’s’ POS technology which fly into Paris will also be able to offer Disneyland Paris voucher tickets as part of the inflight service, again with discounts applying.

‘We are absolutely thrilled to have struck this agreement with Disney Destinations International UK, which comes at a crucial time for Onboard Retail Solutions,’ says CEO Thomas Drohan.’ Not least because selling Disneyland Paris park ticket vouchers onboard is a perfect example of our VIP – or Virtual Inventory Product™ – service. VIP’s are a new way to offer passengers a much wider selection of products that goes far beyond traditional onboard retail. They can range from transportation tickets and mobile phone top-ups to car rental and hotel room vouchers and destination tickets – such as in this case. They can go even further than this with onboard purchased but home delivered products – from flowers to bicycles!’

In the case of Disneyland Paris ticket vouchers, the crew use the very latest Onboard Retail Solutions® EPOS device and on POS™ software to print out the appropriate ticket voucher for each passenger purchase. The voucher is barcoded and customised to Disney’s own specifications and carries a unique identifier to assist with usage and reconciliation. ‘This system ensures total security and ticket vouchers cannot be forged or copied’ continues Drohan.

So what are the benefits of selling Disneyland Paris ticket vouchers in this way? ‘The system will appeal to those travellers visiting Paris who haven’t even considered Disneyland Paris and haven’t pre-purchased Disneyland Paris tickets to still buy in advance and may be inspired to buy “on impulse”,’ adds Onboard sales and marketing director Dan Hayter.

Disneyland Paris is expected to attract extra visitors this year having announced its yearlong celebration, Mickey’s Magical Party which will be launched on April 4th 2009 and runs until March 7th 2010. Mickey’s Magical Party will be a star-studded occasion featuring new entertainment, a new attraction, special offers – and the resort’s unbeatably fun-packed calendar of seasonal events. The unique party atmosphere will offer new entertainment and interactive experiences for guests of all ages. Guests will be able to participate in party games at It’s Party Time… with Mickey & Friends, where Mickey, Donald, Pluto, Goofy and Friends will demonstrate their favourite song & dance moves. It’s Dance Time… in Discoveryland (Disneyland Park) will treat guests to a cutting edge mix of hip-hop and break beats hosted by the super cool DJ Stitch. In addition, Minnie’s Party Train will be running along Main Street, U.S.A. (Disneyland Park) several times a day, while Disney’s Stars ‘n’ Cars will feature stars from Aladdin to Disney Villains , rolling up in over-the-top customised vehicles. Playhouse Disney Live on Stage! is an exciting new attraction (Walt Disney Studios Park) that brings the Disney Channel hit TV show “Playhouse Disney” to life.

Onboard Retail Solutions is keen to expand the idea to rail operators and airlines feeding into other Disney resorts.

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