First Look: ‘Tangled’ Alternate Opening and Bonus Features

Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment has offered up two sneak peeks at the upcoming BD/DVD release of Walt Disney Animation Studios Tangled, available to own on March 29, 2011.

The first peek includes one of two alternate storybook openings included on the home release, introduced by directors Nathan Greno and Byron Howard. This particular opening is the second presented in the bonus features and represents a transitional version of the animated opening, although some of it is presented here in storyboard format.

In the bonus feature titled ‘Hair Trouble,’ stars Zachary Levi and Mandy Moore introduce the extra which looks into the research and development of new software to help render Rapunzel’s 70 feet (and 100,000 strands) of hair:

In ‘Naming Pascal,’ Nathan and Byron regale us with the epic tale of how Rapunzel’s chameleon sidekick became to be known as Pascal.

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3 thoughts on “First Look: ‘Tangled’ Alternate Opening and Bonus Features

  1. The storybook opening is not perfect, but it is better than the opening in the movie. Amongst other things, it answers the question why everybody starts looking for a magical flower when the queen becomes ill.

    • You’re right – In this video they did say something like, “The people knew the legend of the golden flower,” when in the final movie only Mother Gothel seemed to know about it, and then the village people went off looking for a “miracle”. But then one yells, “We’ve found it!” — how did he know what he was looking for?

      Also, where did Ryder get the crossbow bolts used to climb the tower?

      How did Mother Gothel get into (and out of) the tower when Rapunzel’s hair was short?

      Why didn’t Rapunzel’s magic make Flynn Ryder younger when she healed his hand?

  2. I also never quite understood why Mother Gothel is so old in the opening sequence – if I were here, I´d have used the flower´s powers *earlier*… And what about that song? Another problem: Rapunzel´s hair is way to short to let her get out of the tower, isn´t it ? (apart from the fact that she has to have the most impressive arm muscles ever 🙂 The tower seems to be about 60 ft high, judging from the wide angle shots with Mother Gothel. Now Rapunzel does not fix the end of her hair to the hook – she throws her hair over it, which means it must be twice as long as the tower is high – which it isn´t (it´s 70 ft). Oh, and of course: The Kingdom´s people searched for years and years – and did not find the big tower just a few miles away from the castle???
    Don´t get me wrong, I really liked Tangled, and I´m looking forward to the DVD, but sometimes I thought they hired Roland Emmerich as a script consultant to avoid logical problems 🙂

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