First Look: New ‘Tangled’ Dolls and Toys from Disney Consumer Products (Minor Spoilers)

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Disney Consumer Products kicked off its 2010 holiday tour this past week in New York City and brought representatives from every division imaginable to show off all of the new wonderful products you’ll be finding on the shelves this holiday season and we were there to help spread all the joy with you.

Naturally one of the big pushes is for Disney’s Tangled (nee Rapunzel) and Disney Consumer Products has an amazing array of toys and dolls representing the film from Disney Consumer Products, Mattel, JAKKS Pacific and more. Below you’ll find our gallery and additional information on each of the items, but we’d like to take a few moments to highlight some of the things we found (note there may be some minor spoilers).

First up are some of the offerings from Disney Store. As one would likely expect, there is a role playing dress available ($39.50) along with accessories: a braided ‘hair halo’ with about 3′ of extensions ($14.50) and light-up wand ($10.50), shoes ($16.50) and wand ($10.50).

The 11 1/2 inch dolls come with a whopping 17″ of advertised hair (although a couple of inches may not be readily visible) with glittering strands of hair. This is a tribute to the magical powers Rapunzel’s hair has that cause it to glow when it’s brushed (yes, look for a lot of glowing hair Tangled products). Either way, it’s quite impressive (* scissors optional). The doll will be available in a variety of configurations: as a single with paintbrush and Pascal accessories ($14.50; Flynn Rider also available with share and wear comb/tiara), as the Rapunzel Boutique Set which includes three dresses from the film and two mannequin forms ($29.50) and as a set with Flynn Rider with their ‘celebration’ outfits ($29.50).

Another standout for Disney Store is the Rapunzel Toddler Doll ($24.50) which  — I dare say — is absolutely darling and sure to be one the biggest hits of the line. We’re told that Glen Keane was so enamoured by toddler Rapunzel that more of her was added into the film than originally planned and we can definitely see why. She’s made from a soft plastic.

It has been noted that the PVC figurine set ($19.50) may actually be giving us our first real look at Madame Gothel / Mother Gothel.

Finally, there’s Rapunzel’s entry into a new line of Disney Princess dolls from Disney Store — the Singing Doll collection which are fully articulated dolls of many of the princesses with all new a cappella recordings from the original voice artists (when possible) created exclusively for the dolls. We’ll delve more into this when we address Disney Princesses directly, so for now we’ll just note that this particular doll features Mandy Moore singing ‘When Will My Life Begin?’

On that same note (brilliant segue), we’ll just touch upon one of the Tangled products from JAKKS Pacific for now and that’s the 18″ tall Rapunzel from the all new Princess & Me collection. She has a distinctive look and we’ll soon learn why when we explore the Disney Princess collections further.

Most of Mattel’s products have already been previewed during the International Toy Fair back in February, so we suggest you take a few moments to check them out here in case you missed it. Of course Mattel has a lot more to offer for the film than what was on display here and one of those items I was looking forward to revisit is Flynn’s horse Maximus. However, since he was unavailable during the holiday tour, I just want to point out that he represents a first for Mattel — his head can actually rock back and forth as he ‘trots,’ adding to realistic play.

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12 thoughts on “First Look: New ‘Tangled’ Dolls and Toys from Disney Consumer Products (Minor Spoilers)

  1. They're adorable! I especially love the ornament of Rapunzel! I'm so looking forward to getting the doll for my collection. Little Rapunzel sure is cute!

  2. It’s a Disney Store product, so it will be available there and Although some Tangled products have been released, most won’t be out until September and October.

  3. Can you please tell me where you got the Rapunzel doll with 17″ of hair but the one that’s in the same pic with the action figures? It’s the eleventh pic please let me know where you bought it as soon as possible!!!!!

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