‘Temple Run: Brave’ Now Available on Apple App Store

Temple Run: Brave editionThe Disney/Pixar Brave edition of Temple Run from Imangi Studios and Disney Mobile is now available for Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices, ahead of the official June 14 release date. The app is priced at $.99 but includes 2500 ‘free’ coins (coincidentally, a $.99 value).

The Brave edition shares many qualities of the original game that inspired it as you assume the role of Merida, running through the forest and being chased by Mor’du, the demon bear. While all of the same goals and bonuses are available as the original, the game also adds the ability to partake in archery challenges in which Merida takes aim at targets as she runs, simply by tapping on them.

Like the original, there is a store which allows you to activate and increase special bonuses as well as supporting in-app purchases so you can pad your coin stash. A note of caution though: while it may be tempting to add to the virtual bank to unlock the three wallpapers, they are the same as previously released graphics which you can find online for free. Still, providing Merida an in-game change of clothing would be certainly tempting to any fan and understandably so.

For more information or to purchase Temple Run: Brave, click here.

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