Terror at Disney California Adventure as Guest Falls from ‘Tower of Terror’

KTLA is reporting that a male guest fell from the Tower of Terror at Disney California Adventure at the Disneyland Resort last night. According to the article, the incident was reported at approximately 10:30 PM PT and the man was immediately transported to the UCI Medical Center but little else is known at this time including his condition or how (and from where) he fell.

UPDATE: According to KABC-TV, the victim is a 19 year old male who was intoxicated at the time he fell approximately 20-25 feet from a railing in the queue he had climbed over. Allegedly, the victim preceded the non-simulated drop with the line ‘wouldn’t it be funny if I fell?’ Answer: apparently not.

According to the report, he suffered some abrasions but is otherwise okay and has already been released from the hospital.

UPDATE #2: Disneyland has provided us with the following official statement:

“Last night a 20-year-old male guest fell in the queue line at the Tower of Terror attraction at Disney California Adventure. The guest was standing in line with friends on a second-floor platform when he climbed over a barrier to the area below and lost his balance and fell approximately 25 feet. The guest was transported by ambulance to the hospital.”

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8 thoughts on “Terror at Disney California Adventure as Guest Falls from ‘Tower of Terror’

  1. People are just going to be stupid with or without it. Plus, they serve how many of those drinks per day and yet how often do we hear of something happening beecause of it? And, we don’t even know if he had been drinking in the park or if he arrived at the park already drunk. So Disneyfan1, I don’t think it’s right you try to pass the blame onto Disney for this one. The guy was an idiot. Enough said!

    If we should be pointing something out, it’s how the line is going to be longer today, because they have to close the upstairs que line pending an investigation. Or how childen might have seen this (even adults, we don’t come to Disneyland Resort to see people getting hurt), or even if he had landed on someone waiting below. Then they have to go to the hospital too, ruining their evening for this dumba$$. How is that fair, I ask you?

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